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The word "BIBLE" comes from the Greek word: "BIBLIOS" or "books" and in it we find a compendium of books written by different authors under "divine inspiration" through the ages.

But how did the BIBLE we use today came to be? And why it has been compiled this way? Well back in the First Century A.D. a group of men gathered together as "official bishops" of the church of Rome under the guidance and supervision of Roman Emperor Constantine during the Council of Nicea. And by order and edict of the emperor they had to put together the books they felt were "inspired" from both the Old and New testaments and in the process they omitted many other books they did not recognize or believed not to be "inspired."

Yet in 2 Timohty, 3:16: the apostle Paul wrote: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God!' Notice it says: "ALL SCRIPTURE! Not just the 66 books we find in our Bibles today from Genesis to Revelation! Books like "the Book of Enoch" for example were maliciously "omitted" yet according to the book of Genesis Enoch is briefly mentioned as "a preacher of righteousness who "walked with God" WHY DON'T WE KNOW MORE ABOUT HIM AND WHAT HE WROTE? Like Enoch many other writers as Clement and Peter were also "inspired" to write their letters and books as well yet they were not included in the so called "canon" WHY?

Yet God inspired a group known as "the Essenes" in ancient Palestine to hide and save in clay jars ALL these other books that were not included by the pagan church leaders in Nicea, in a cave near Qumran, only to be found by a shepperd boy after more than 2000 years of being preserved inside these jars for our posterity. We know them today simply as THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS.

YES YOUR BIBLE IS INCOMPLETE! Find out more on this AMAZING program!