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Communication is Key! One of the largest reasons we are seeing a breakdown in our families and relationships is due to a lack of communication or a lack of proper communication. The ability to communicate is one that was ordained by... more

In our society today we are seeing a serious epidemic on the rise. Each day more of our families are breaking up and breaking down as a result of various reasons. The issues of divorce, infidelity, abuse, uncontrollable children and... more

Your 90-year old mother has been diagnosed with dementia. You know she can no longer cook, pay her bills, or safely drive a car. You lead a busy life of your own. But you can't stomach the thought of putting your mother in an... more

The term ‘parent' can mean different things depending on the area of law. Under educational law, a parent must be a biological parent. On the other hand, under healthcare law, a parent is anyone with parental responsibility,... more

When couples marry they make the decision of who moves where in the beginning.Traditionally, a man was supposed to take care of his wife and family. So when a girl moves to a man's house, it means that the man is providing... more

Clean the living room, wash the dishes, take out the trash ... nag, nag, nag. The incessant nagging you do not only drives your partner mad, it drives him or her away and hurts intimacy. How can you learn to communicate more... more

When you are married you are to cleave to your spouse. Your union becomes one and you are on the path to starting a new family. This journey can become extremely difficult when the extended family members that were meant to... more

Are you one of those women or do you know a woman that feels that having a piece of man is better than having no man at all? There is an attachment demon that has latched himself on to many women and has them thinking that they... more

There is a purely emotional part of the parent/child relationship that is built on affection and esteem. Parents and children are genetically geared to love each other, and it's a beautiful thing to behold. But there's a stage where parenting... more

An estimated 500,000 children have had their identities stolen by a parent, according to ID Analytics, which sells identity fraud protection. It is a crime of opportunity, with the culprits having total access to their children's unused... more