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The Networks brings to you an amazing line up of shows from telling it like it is to family talk time. Hosting every age with our dynamic show topics each day. Be sure to stay tuned as we add more great shows!

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If you're the parent of an adult child who is living at home you are probably trying to figure out what your role is and what rules your child needs to adhere to while living in your home — because after all, your kid is grown up now and... more

We're all friends with that one couple on Facebook: the couple that can't stop posting mushy photos (hashtag: #blessed) and bragging about their relationship every chance they get. But while it may appear that they have the perfect... more

Ladies, while I think it's perfectly fine for a woman to bring up the subject of marriage, and highly advisable for a couple to discuss the topic of marriage before a proposal, I want to reiterate that it is the man's duty to get down on one... more

Having cosmetic surgery can solve many issues but some have it for all the wrong reasons. You need to ask yourself the hard questions because you are ultimately accountable to yourself. If you've had multiple procedures, ask yourself if you... more

Many people are often put off reporting a crime or any incidence of nuisance or anti-social behaviour for fear of the police or other authority not respecting their confidentiality, and the threat of reprisals. Although there are laws in the which... more

Bullying and cyber bullying have become common issues amongst our children in today's society. Our children are faced with the pressure to fit in with the crowd like never before. Often times their refusal to adapt to the majority... more

People have lined up as early as five days in advance to wait for Nike's limited-edition Air Jordans to go on sale at a whopping price of $650. Now let's switch to voting day in urban areas and the tables are most definitely turned... more

In today's society, we see our young men being led and mentored by things and people they should not be led by. Television, Gang members, Rap artist, etc.… have become most of our young men reality. It is because of the... more

Since the bible day's jealousy, envy and favoritism amongst siblings has caused separation and strife within families. Unfortunately it is not uncommon to hear of siblings who have voluntarily ceased all communication with each other due to... more

Parenting effectively on its own is a hard job that many of us seem to struggle with. However, when parenting a child who is special needs or has a chronic condition or illness the stress level can often increase. Many times parents feel... more