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The Nancy Lockhart Show Seeks To Publicize Wrongful Convictions and Issues Of Grave Injustices Through Grassroots Organizing For Eradication. We Bridge The Gaps To Justice.

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Marissa Alexander Rally Updates - June 24th 2012. Things That Get You Locked Up Court Structure Talk About Your Case Intelligently Locked Up, What To Do When Your AZZ Get's Locked Up - Nancy Lockhart, M.J. Purchase your copy... more

(Jacksonville, Florida) – 6/12/12 --- Marissa Alexander is an African American mother of 3 who completed a Bachelor's degree and furthered her education with the completion of an MBA. She currently sits in a Florida prison... more

Marissa Alexander, a mother of 3 children, MBA (Masters of Business Administration), no prior criminal record; was attacked by her husband who has a known and documented history of domestic abuse on August 1, 2010. Marissa... more

In the State Of Florida Marissa Alexander's request for a new trial was denied. Alexander is a battered woman - her husband - Rico Edward Gray stated on page 36 of his deposition... more

Guests are Adam Rice, Hamid Khan, Bilal Ali and Occupy Skidrow. We will discuss political prisoners and the great works that Rice, Khan and Ali are accomplishing. Los Angeles Community Action Network more

Lincoln Alexander joins The Nancy Lockhart Show to discuss the case of his ex wife - Marissa Alexander. Lincoln and Marissa have two children together. Marissa re married and while pregnant, Marissa Alexander was battered by... more

Guests are Adam Rice, Hamid Khan and Bilal Ali. We will discuss political prisoners and the great works that Rice, Khan and Ali are accomplishing.Los Angeles Community Action Network Bilal Ali Productions -... more

On March 22, 2012 Rekia Boyd was murdered by off duty Chicago Police officer Dante Servin. Rekia posed no threat to this officer, Rekia Boyd committed no crime and had no weapons of any sort. Officer Dante Servin aimed his weapon... more

We will discuss the differences between magistrate judges (who are often times non attorneys), US Federal Magistrates, Trial Judges and the state and United States Supreme Courts and court structure. From ABC Action "We... more

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, the son of assassinated Black Panther Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. and Comrade Mother Akua Njeri - is the founder of the Prisoners Of Conscience Committee. Chairman Fred Jr. is an active... more