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The Nancy Lockhart Show Seeks To Publicize Wrongful Convictions and Issues Of Grave Injustices Through Grassroots Organizing For Eradication. We Bridge The Gaps To Justice.

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We will discuss the birth of The People's Legal Defense Team which is a Grassroots Legal Team (we are not attorneys)- which was started to provide backup Legal Research, Tactiks and stratey for peeple who have caught a... more

Christy Phillips CDC# W-94100 is unjustly convicted and currrently housed at Central California Women Facility. Christy was convicted in 2002 of an elderly woman's murder that occurred in 2000,based on a coerced confession, and... more

This show will discuss the suspension of Roland Martin, The Case of Davontae Sanford in Detroit Michigan - Last, we will... more

Joining us will be Attorney Kim McGinnis and Ms. Sanford (Davontae's Mother) From The Associated Press: A Detroit hit man in prison for eight murders said he's willing to publicly take responsibility for four more to help clear a... more

From Black Agenda Report - What to Do When Your AZZ Gets Locked Up: A Review Wed, 01/04/2012 — The G-Man by The G-Man With the U.S. in its fifth decade of mass Black incarceration, and preventive detention for... more

By Associated Press, Published: January 8 | Updated: Tuesday, January 10, 5:49 AM JACKSON, Miss. — Outgoing Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour has pardoned at least four convicted killers who worked as inmate trusties at the... more

We Will discuss preliminary hearings, plea deals, trials and reasons for waving a hearing. Former Coach Jerry Sandusky waved his Preliminary Hearing, does this mean that he's guilty? Sandusky's lawyer claims that - "his client opted against... more

Show your support and attend the hearing of Christine Persuad on December 16th at 9am. 271 Cadman Plaza East. Brooklyn NY 11201, Judge Elizabeth Stong, 3rd Floor. Persaud needs to have her day in court. She won the appeal.... more

Withdraw Execution Warrant and Grant DNA Testing to Hank Skinner Dear Governor Perry, This year, the Texas legislators approved new standards for crime labs, compensation for the exonerated and revised statutes for... more

The expense of having a loved one in prison is escalating. Learn a fool proof method of saving funds. We will have our last segment on using coupons for huge savings.