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The Nancy Lockhart Show Seeks To Publicize Wrongful Convictions and Issues Of Grave Injustices Through Grassroots Organizing For Eradication. We Bridge The Gaps To Justice.

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Visit Blog For Updates: http://justice4damieanwicks.blogspot.com/ Donate To Damiean Wicks Legal Defense Fund:... more

According to police, Eddie Charles Clark, age 51 was found hanging from shrubs behind Good Sheppard Hospital - 811 South Washington Street - Marshall, Texas on Sunday August 24, 2014. The family was informed that his body had been... more

Black indigenous natives in West Papua have gravely suffered slow extermination at the hands of Indonesian occupation for 50 plus years. The inhumane murders and abuse have most recently escalated while supremacy,... more

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. brings an on the ground account of the Ferguson, Missouri rebellion sparked as a result of the execution of Michael Brown by 28 yr. old police officer Darren Wilson. Visit: www.chairmanfredjr.blogspot.com

Imam Jamil Al-Amin #99974-555, Formerly Known As H. Rap Brown, was wrongfully convicted in the state of Georgia and is being housed in the federal facility ADMAX Florence, Colorado. He was not convicted on Federal charges.... more

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Recently prevented a young man from committing suicide.....He saved a life. The community and the airwaves are still reeling from the live call made by a young man in Chicago, which is currently referred to as... more

Cliven Bundy, an entitled Navada Rancher feels that "Negroes" were better off as Slaves picking cotton. His Black security guard states that he would "take a bullet for Bundy". Bundy is said to have won his battle with the BLM (bureau of land... more

"A vein on an Oklahoma inmate "exploded" in the middle of his execution Tuesday, prompting authorities to abruptly halt the process and call off another execution later in the day as they try to figure out what went wrong. The... more

75 year old Robert Taylor went to Burlington County Jail in Mt. Holly, NJ for a $96.00 ticket. In December of 2013, a 75-year-old Robert Taylor, homeless man died in Burlington County Jail while strapped in a ?turtle suit? and lying in a... more

To Date February 21, 2014 - 49 years after the assassination of Malcolm X El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz: the same system responsible for snatching one of the most renown revolutionaries, is intensifying the attacks on the legacy of Malcolm X... more