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  • Year-End Financial Advice

    in Finance

    YouTube gets into the music business. Starbucks opens a venti-sized roastery in China. Disney and Fox get closer to a deal. And Walmart makes a change. Plus, Motley Fool CFP and retirement expert Robert Brokamp shares some year-end tips and talks tax reform. Thanks to Casper for supporting The Motley Fool. Save $50 on a mattress at http://www.casper.com/fool (promo code “Fool”). 

  • 5 More Sneaky Ways Retailers Will Get You This Holiday Season

    in Finance

    Alison is back with five more ways that retailers and marketers try to get you to spend ALL the money around the Holidays. We’ll also answer your question about term versus whole life insurance before we revisit Bro’s Holiday tradition of asking listeners to share their family Holiday tradition. 
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  • The Impressive Rise of Stitch Fix

    in Finance

    Pepsi orders 100 trucks from Tesla. Stitch Fix has been public for less than a month but is already off to an impressive start.  Google and Facebook battle for traffic. David Kretzmann analyzes those stories and more, as the MarketFoolery holiday music drive gets a boost from Six13. To get a limited-edition holiday shave set while supplies last, go to Harrys.com/Fool

  • Blockchain of Fools

    in Finance

    Back by popular demand, Aaron Bush joins David to dive deeper into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, BitConnect, and the Petro. Is this one the future? Is that one a scam? Could Foolcoin be far off? If you can't make heads or tails of the blockchain, this show is for you!

  • Tech: What About Spotify, Uber, and Lyft?

    in Finance

    These tech unicorns have long been the subject of IPO speculation. But for all that buzz, are any of them actually good businesses to own long-term?