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The Mormon Fundamentlist


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My Name is Mark Lichtenwalter, I used to host The Kingdom of God or Nothing Podcast/Radio Show. I am starting a new Podcast. I like to read and discuss all things Mormon.

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THE FUNDAMENTALIST MORMON Part 3 on Fundamentally Mormon Persecution and Friendship with the World These two conditions are certainly opposites. Persecution followed the early disciples of Jesus, and He told them,... more

FUNDAMENTALIST MORMON Part 2 on Fundamentally Mormon presented at The Sunstone Symposium August 1989 by Ogden Kraut Page 8 According to Church history, the Lord didn't seem to be too concerned about the laws of the... more

THE FUNDAMENTALIST MORMON presented at The Sunstone Symposium August 1989 by Ogden Kraut [1] THE FUNDAMENTALIST MORMON In order to briefly cover the broad spectrum of Mormon Fundamentalism, this paper... more

PROPHECY OF FAMINE Many people assume, with a sense of false security, that the days of famines are past. However, we must turn to prophecy—especially those concerning our own nation. Jesus foresaw... more

REASONS FOR FAMINES The reasons for famines are strictly spiritual. It is the Lord that brings them to pass or prevents them. Some of the prophets have written: [8]And thus we see that except the Lord doth chasten his people with... more

?Feast or Famine? has been the lot of every person, in greater or lesser degrees, and even though it is a hard lesson learned, it is often and hastily forgotten. To ?be prepared? is the motto from boy scouts to the defense of nations, but how... more

The United Order When the LDS Church was less than a year old, the Lord directed the Saints to ?let every man esteem his brother as himself? because ?if ye are not one, ye are not mine.? (D & C 38:24, 27) In 1832 the Lord revealed... more

A What would have happened to the Mormon people if the 1890 Manifesto had not been issued? Would the Church have been destroyed, members killed, and the Priesthood of God obliterated? It is difficult to postulate on the... more

The Bible and the Tax man Part 2. The last living Apostle of Christ was John the beloved, who beheld in vision a great beast who would arise having control over all the earth. Now this beast would represent something that would have total... more

The Bible and the Taxman by Ogden Kraut Taxes have existed since the establishment of the first government among men. But taxes can, like anything else, be just or unjust, beneficial or abusive—and the line between... more