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I don't know how people are making the comparison between Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson as if they are the same. Nobody with some good damn sense will think that a person who abuses a child should get a pass. There is a difference... more

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There have been several police involved indicents that have taken place recently that has called into question if the police performing a public service. It is a little known fact that the police are not here to stop crimes even though when the... more

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Every time the issue of immigration comes up Democrats try to make the argument that the country was built because of immigrants. Nobody disagrees with that argument but the problem conservatives have is with ILLEGAL... more

We have another July 4th where people are enjoying their day off with fireworks, parades, picnics, family reunions, barbecues, baseball games, political speeches and ceremonie. When was the last time you really gave some thought to the... more

I read an article on the Huffington Post (so you know it isn't well thought out plus the article was written by a guy who regularly co-host Al Sharpton's show) that for all the challenges President Obama faced coming into office he has done... more

There is one thing that I can never understand when it comes to Democrats. How do they think that making more laws will somehow decrease the amount of gun violence? I have a news flash for is not the people with the gun... more

Just when you wouldn't think things couldn't get better for the Republicians, Obama hands them more ammunition of his incompetency. One of America's best known policies is "we do not negotiate with terrorist". What does he turn around... more

The definition of progressive is favoring or advocating process: change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are especially in political matters. You would think that would mean believe in... more