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Bernie wants to go after Hillary for the speaking fees she earns and her ties to Wall Street but he is scared to hit her across the head about her policies of closing loopholes for the millionaires and billionaires which she uses. They are... more

Everybody is getting their thongs in a bunch about Donald Trump possibly becoming the next president of the United States. Somehow the masses think the Democrat party has the best plan for strengthing the middle class and I don't... more

This past Tuesday Donald Trump has taken more states to increase his lead towards his way to winning the GOP nomination. You still see efforts of the establishment party trying to steal what he has rightfully won. Ben Carson has... more

Donald Trump has been rolling along since his announcement to run for president last June. It looks like everything they have thrown at him has bounced off him like bullets hitting Superman's chest. This past debate Thursday showed... more

Arrogant, loud, boisterous, out of control...those are the words that can be used to describe Muhammad Ali. Wait a minute, those are the same words that can be used to decribe Donald Trump. Both draw large crowds of fans and foes alike.... more

Marco Rubio's piss poor performance shows he is not as good as they were hoping he would be. How do you get a warning of what Chris Christie is going to say during the next debate and you aren't prepared when he does what he... more

It looks like there have been some underhanded dealing in this weeks Iowa Caucus. You have Ted Cruz being accused of telling voters that Ben Carson was headed to Florida to suspend his campaign. You have Rick Santorum and Rand... more

Trump was a no show at the final Republican debate and he was still center of the conversation. How does that happen? That goes to show you who is the strongest candidate. Ted Cruz flops in his chance to take the lead in the Republican... more

Donald Trump is still whooping ass and taking names in the polls. He has been riding high and there are no signs of him slowing down. Sara Palin has come out to endorse him. You have three candidates on the Democratic side who... more

We are coming down to the last months of Obama's presidency and can anybody tell me what has he really done. I hear so many people talking about what a bad president Donald Trump will be but it can't be any worse than the past eight... more