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Happy New Year and we should be excited about the next four years but we have some sore losers wanting to bitch and complain about taking the L a whole two months later. What they should do is wait on the sidelines for a chance to get... more

It looks like my guy took the election in an upset this past Tuesday and now you have Democrats and the uneducated masses saying Hillary Clinton won because she received more of the popular votes. Do I have to keep reminding people... more

It never ceases to amaze me that if you consider yourself a black Republican or a black Conservative, you are called a sellout, Uncle Tom or worse but the majority of blacks don't have a problem with talking about how much they... more

With three weeks left in the Presidential run, the punk ass establishment party has decided to hand Hillary Clinton an easy win with the hopes to take back the White House in 2020. What they don't get is they will never get the White House back.... more

It looks like Donald Trump has picked the wrong time to stumble. It is like a hurdler making it across all of the hurdles to stumble at the finish line. How does this hurt an already suspect image of the billionaire? I don't think it is... more

We had the first presidential debate this past Monday. Did it change your mind about any of the candidates? Did you learn anything you didn't already know. We will discuss this live at 1pm Saturday

The time has come to ramp it up on the political arena. The race is coming down to the wire and it is time for us to shit or get off the pot. There is not a policy that the Democrats have put forth that will make the middle class strong and... more

we will be discussing the things tnat are apart of American culture that black Americans don't except

it is amazing how Black Lives Matter can pick and choose when black lives matte

The Black Lives Matter fad has put out their 10 point manifesto and now they want to take on "economic injustice" and reparations. What in the hell does that mean? They want the Democrats to take from the achievers and give to those... more