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The New Jackass of the South!!!

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Now that the Confederate flag has been removed from SC State Capitol grounds, where does it stop

South Carolina has passed legislation to have the confederate flag removed from the South Carolina State Capitol after 54 years. What does that really mean? Plus we have Bernie Sanders pushing his agenda as an alternative to Hillary Climto

Good afternoon and Happy Independence Day. I hope everyone is enjoying the sun, fun, and food and we will bring you part two of last weeks show: Blacks and Whites vs Niggas and Crackers pt 2

Since that Jackass shot up the church in Charleston, everybody is wanting to place blame on the Confederate flag, right wing politics, black/white relationships in America and racism as the causes. You have the race pimps loving the... more

Like everybody else, I am pretty pissed off at punk ass Dylann Roof for being the coward he was to go into a church where there was a high probability that no one was armed and he killed nine people. If he was so bad why didn't he go to the... more

I have a problem with people who love to watch these so call "reality" shows because they are so far from reality. Who actually lives with that much bullshit in their lives? But we have drama popping up all over the Internet which leads... more

There was a shooting two weeks ago in Waco Texas between two rival biker gangs. Nine people died in the incident and it has made national news. Here is the outrageous claims that are being made. Why didn't the media call the... more

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore state's attorney, has decided to charge six police officers on Friday with a range of crimes including murder and manslaughter in the arrest and fatal injury of Freddie Gray. She has done so at the pressures... more

We have another case in the news of a black man being killed by the police. This has brought out activists, race pimps, students, pastors, and just about everybody else for Freddie Gray. One thing the media won't touch is the fact Freddie Gray... more

We have our first Democratic nomination...Hilary Clinton. I don't think this was such a big surprise. What was her first political move; making the case for CEO pay vs middle class pay. She goes to Chipolte and forgets to leave a tip. I have... more