Making Life's Challenges an Ally in your Personal Evolution

The Minister and The Mother

The Minister and The Mother

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Are you wanting to evolve your life but often find yourself stuck in old habits or patterns? 

Research suggests that our evolution can be fast-tracked if we develop a mindfulness practice that allows us to become aware of physiological and psychological patterns in response to life's challenges. Mindfulness can be defined as “a way of being,” a practice of being in “moment-to-moment non-judgmental awareness,” of consciously “taking a second look at our first impulse, thought or reaction, and as a “practice or path of healing.”
The Mindfulness Center in Southern Maine identifies the five core skills of mindfulness as: 1) Clarifying, setting and reaffirming intention: What am I practicing? 2) Cultivating a witnessing awareness: developing meta-cognition, state awareness, and practicing outer non-reactivity while witness the inner landscape; 3) Stabilizing Attention: staying focused, placing attention on your intention; 4) Strengthening Self-Regulation: settling negative energy intentionally, bringing the whole brain back on line; and 5) Practicing Loving Kindness: calming the inner critic and self-judgment, practicing non-judgmental awareness and kindness and compassion for yourself and others.
The Q Process™ integrates these five principles in a 21-day structured reflection tool to reframe triggering experiences. The 21 days are made up of three (3) seven-day phases. Phase One focuses on critical thoughts or discordant behaviors directed outwardly. Phase Two focuses on any critical thoughts directed inwardly (self-criticism, self-judgment) which trigger shame, anxiety, etc. Phase Three follows both internal and external triggers into the past to find a memory associated with the pattern and uses a meditative visualization to loosen its emotional associations allowing the neural firing pattern to shift.
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