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Michael A Gordon

The Mind Whisperer


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Psychotherapist, Aikido teacher and writer/speaker Michael A. Gordon, MSc. brings 25 years experience in media and personal development. The Mindful Whisperer bridges neuroscience, spiritual psychology and mindfulness as they apply to a wide range of topics relating to daily life.

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Most of our lives are guided by our parents' values, school programming and social/class expectations. But what about YOUR inner drive to fulfill your true purpose?

As my old teacher said, "familiarity, without respect, breeds contempt." How can a warm feeling turn so cold, so vengeful, so fast, and what can we do to change that pattern in our lives?

Letting of loved ones and our relationships can present us with our most challenging moments. Why is letting go so difficult?

How is it we can become addicted and desensitized to everything from substances like sweets, to shopping, and now--research proves--internet sex?

A recent Wall Street Journal article evoked a strong critcial response from Jezebel.com writer Lindy West. Today we discuss the issues, not from Lindy's insights, but looking at how intimacy can actually be the block to desire in... more

What does it mean for a relationship when we argue? What happens if conflict surfaces early on in dating/relationship? Is this a sign of incompatibility? Shouldn't things be 'easy'? This episode looks at conflict in relationship, breaking through... more

Narcissism is a word that pops up frequently in common use, but what does it mean? Are you aware that it pertains to a particular set of negative psychological traits?

From alt country forebearer Gram Parsons to legendary pop group The Bee Gees, David N. Meyer examines the interior/exterior lives of artists, and the toll exacted upon them by the creative process and pressures of public and commercial... more

We delve into what is deemed the 'hard problem' of Psychology. Is consciousness, and more importantly, psychological health, determined by 'bottom-up' or 'top-down' regulation and activity?

In this episode we explore the relationship between intimacy and sex, for those seeking a partner, and those in long-term relationships. Is intimacy the enemy of desire, or can desire be made the bed-fellow of intimacy?
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