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Michael A Gordon

The Mind Whisperer


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Psychotherapist, Aikido teacher and writer/speaker Michael A. Gordon, MSc. brings 25 years experience in media and personal development. The Mindful Whisperer bridges neuroscience, spiritual psychology and mindfulness as they apply to a wide range of topics relating to daily life.

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It began with the 'crackberry' syndrome: those amongst us who were constantly glued to their handheld device, emailing, texting. No more in history have we been so pervasively distracted than with social media tech. What does this say,... more

In the first episode, we covered emerging research on the impacts of social isolation on early childhood and the brain/psyche. In today's show, we explore the relationship with ourselves, and how to approach loneliness as an affliction of... more

Decades-spanning research has been exponentially boosted by brain scanning technology, giving us a window into the social, physical and psychological impacts of loneliness/isolation, and how we need to prioritize attention to early... more

So often, despite our best efforts to be 'positive,' we keep getting stuck in our familiar negative patterns. How do we connect with and transform our deepest values and scripting, in order to experience limitless joy?

Anger, to paraphrase Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha) is "like holding a hot coal and expecting the other person to get burned." How do we intercept and transform this explosive emotion in a mindful way?

From chronic pain, to mental and emotional anguish, find out why and how we can minimize our suffering in the face of painful experiences.

The quest for perfection can lead us to a self-destructive relationship with ourselves. How is perfectionism a symptom of negative conditioning?

What do the various Buddhist texts mean when discussing 'no-self?' If there is no self, how do 'we' exist, and know who we are? Where will I go if I recognize that Self is a concept to begin with!

Researcher Brené Brown writes about shame, vulnerability, and the relationship between gratitude and joy. What does she mean by "low tolerance for vulnerability makes joy forboding."

"They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it's night once more," wrote Samuel Beckett in Waiting For Godot. What do we make of this existential tension, and the will towards creative expression in the face of... more
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