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This is a SPECIAL holiday podcast. UrbanJungleGirl discusses the origins, history and evolution of what is now celebrated as Halloween, a celebration created by our Celtic ancestors. Light up the bonfires!

We must remember exactly what individual Jews have done, and always focus on specifically what we need to do to survive, thrive and grow our people. We must dream of a world where roving bands of psychotic Aryan youth roam the... more

Ruthless Rob returns to discuss various topics that concern all of us -- Do we have a solemn oath within the struggle, if so, what is it? We must develop the right attitude and maybe the sworn oath is the right place to start.... more

Urban Jungle Girl continues to read from the book "Civil War II" by Thomas W. Chittum, comments & then takes calls .

All calls are taken and callers are encouraged to discuss among other things, the beauty of the Aryan woman, the creativity of the Aryan man, and how to preserve the Aryan people.

I will continue reading from the book "Salubrious Living" & comment on it. It is a book mainly about "Natural hygiene" as a means of achieving & maintaining superb health

Being mostly free from the rat kike system is not as hard as you might think. Finding a piece of land, being self-sufficient, and avoiding the leaching kikes is necessary to our cause. Planting fruits and vegetables, rice, beans, corn, and... more

Urban Jungle Girl reads from the book "Civil War II" by Thomas W. Chittum, and comments. Then the lines are opened up for on topic comments from callers .

Listeners are welcome to call in and speak their mind. This time we hear from Norman, Wolf Wallstreet, Urban Jungle Girl, Mike & Bill.