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The right attitude that we should have regarding our White Race and what needs to be done was presented by Dr. William Pierce in his books: "The Turner Diaries" and "Hunter". We can see other examples of having the right attitude from historical events that took place centuries ago and also from some recent events that often occur in our daily lives. These attitudes will be discussed with the addition of some comments. Hate is key for having the right attitude - Nurture Your Hate.
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Those that enforce the anti-White laws of The Jew World Order are The Iron Heel enforcers of the anti-White, pro-White genocide Jew World Order & thus enemies.... more

The death toll of Eastern Europeans in the Holodomor was over 10 million.

A short podcast to cover some odds & ends.

UrbanJungleGirl continues her discussions on Christ insanity and it's deadly effects upon our minds, our race and our survival. Will we survive? Let's see shall we? more

Sunday Open Lines is your opportunity to call in & speak your mind. Any & all calls will be taken.

The 14 Words at ANY price & by ANY means required is right, moral & noble. Failure to do whatever it takes to achieve victory is perverse, immoral, wrong, & certainly NOT noble or Aryan. Might IS right! Victory is the true Aryan way.... more

A review of the jewish thieves who rule over us.

A special spur of the moment podcast covering the revolutionary White law of the future & miscellaneous items.

Will be discussing the how Christ insanity facilitates the ultimate destruction of the white race; how it began and how the U.S is now being overrun with an onslaught of invaders with the aid of the Christ insane establishment.... more