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A joyous and educational show to celebrate the holiday season and give encouragement on how to be good little Aryan boys and girls for the upcoming year. Tis the season to be hateful at the Might Is Right Network.

Hate and Revenge overtones exist to some degree in contemporary heavy metal music which supports both racialist and nationalistic views. I am primarily interested in discussing the German style of music and lyrics. The listener will... more

When enough of the awakened Jew-wise Whites say NO MORE to our enemies as well as to our folk within & outside the struggle in EFFECTIVE ruthless ways, then there will be a sustained effort that will snowball. Then it will finally... more

How do you want the world to be populated? Who do you want to interact with in friendship? What is your dream family? Many people in the movement talk about the world they want to live in. We have the opportunity to start making that... more

Three excerpts from James Mason's Siege will be read and discussed this evening. Although these exerpts were written more than 30 years ago, they reveal some common ground currently experienced within today's struggle. The same... more

Tonight's topics will include Christ insanity as a mind virus, the truth about Christian charity, the brutalization of Whites by groids thats been going on for decades, and some thoughts from David Lane.... more

Imagine what you want your death to look like and what you want to accomplish leading up to that moment. You owe it to yourself and the brief period of time that is your life on this Earth to make sure your moment of death is everything... more

This evening will be devoted to addressing the existing obsession many of our people have with their pets, dogs and cats, and other animals. There are some benefits and healthy aspects of caring for animals, but it doesn't take much to... more

Urban will be discussing Judeo-Amerika's role in the death of Europe, the truth about christ insane charity, the bible as a hoax on the Gentiles, the inquisition, notes on paganism and Aryanism and if there is time, the 88 Precepts of David... more