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The Middle Men Talk Show is comprised of Alan and Kevin as the Hosts, with Nick Eden and Jennifer Gordon as Co-host. The Middle Men Talk show has several shows throughout the week in which you can have your choice of listening. Starting on Sunday, you have the main show The Middle Men Talk Show which airs at 6pm Eastern time. On the Middle Men Talk Show we cover all topics ranging from family, politics, music, love and relationships, economic, and news. On Tuesday, you have Tuesday Morning Takeover at 10am Eastern time with Nick Eden where independent R&B artists are given the chance to let their music be heard by the masses. On Thursday nights, The Middle Men have Talk of The Town which airs at 8pm Eastern. Talk of The Town is a music oriented show where we highlight every aspect of the media and music business, educating others about the music business, and interview major and independent artists.

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Tonight guest is none other than Janiro Hawkins Co-Founder of the Southern Entertainment Awards! We will converse about the SEA'S , Music , Culture and more! Tune in and make sure you attend March 28th - 30th Resorts Casino -... more

Marriage is the union between two people under GOD coming together as one. The concept of "What's yours is mines and Mines is Yours" should be a major part in continuing a healthy working marriage. But, are there any boundaries... more

In recent years, the #1 sought after job in the entertainment industry has been becoming an artist. Many also have had dreams of becoming a "CEO", but truly don't understand the dynamics of this job. Limiting themselves to these two... more

N*GGA - The term n*gger has been viewed as the most derogatory word in English language. This term dates back to as early as the Revolutionary War. To be called a N*gger is meant to be ignorant, uneducated, and worthless.... more

Recently a satirical letter to black artists, demanding that they move out of the way for white artists doing hip hop and R&B, has made its rounds on the internet. While the letter was made in comedic fashion, it has sent... more

The Hunt: The pursue to get to the first date to get to the commitment. In the dating aspect there is a lot to account for. One must pursue potential interest. If the potential shows interest, a possible date can be scheduled. After dating... more

Back over the past century and a half, the Black Community has been fighting for the rights and standing up for all mankind. We have learned in history of many revered black leaders who have came to the forefront to speak out against the... more

Many are able to dish it out, but few are able to handle it... CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. In order to improve your skills and craft , constructive criticism is a helpful way to learn your strengths and weaknesses. What are the forms of... more

Valentine's Day, What does it mean to you? Of course this is a pagan holiday around expressing your love for someone. But is it really about the love for both parties? Or is it more geared towards one gender than the other? However,... more
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