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Welcome to The Meter...'Weighing the Pulse of Politics in America." Big Phil, Slim Jim,and Jana just South of Canada,debate all things politics. Co-Host Phillip D. Joy tries to take the country back to the right and Host James S. Ingram tries to keep the country left. But at the end of the day, we shake hands and agree to disagree, and we sit down and have a drink together. We both love this country, we just disagree on how our politicians should govern this country.

On-Demand Episodes

On The Meter the topic is the pending battle between President Obama and Congressional Republicans. How will the markets react to a no-deal? Is the era of American economic prosperity over? Is the government now in control of the... more

On The Meter we will discuss the upcoming August 2 deadline for the debt ceiling. Should Obama's plan that calls for new taxes on the wealthy be adopted or should it be the GOP's plan of no new taxes and deep spending... more

Good Evening! On The Meter we will discuss the 9.2% that are unemployed in our popular Open Forum. Is GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney the man to beat Obama? Also, we will cover the Casey Anthony acquittal, the debt ceiling, and... more

Today on The Meter, we will have our popular Open Forum. Oil, Afghanistan, Libya, New York passing gay marriage, the debt ceiling, Frank-Paul marijuana legalization proposal will be on the agenda. Please join us at 10AM and... more

On The Meter today we will grade this president and his job performance. What has Barack Obama earned? Has his economic and foreign policies set the nation back or on the right course? Join us at 10AM. Your input is essential!

On The Meter we will discuss the dismal economic figures as unemployment continues to rise siginaling a possible double dip recession. Has Obama's policies failed? Also, the Anthony Weiner contorversy and the GOP contenders will be on... more

President Barack Obama this week went against 44 years of American foreign policy and endorsed a plan that mandates Israel to retreat to the pre-1967 border prior to the Six Days War in which Israel was attacked by a coalition of Arab... more

This Sunday on The Meter we will discuss the issues that will shape the 2012 Presidential race. Newt Gingrich has entered with a lashing of the Obama Administration. Will the killing of OBL carry Obama to reelection or will the... more

With the killing of Osama Bin Laden is America more safe or will OBL become a martyr? Since enhanced interrogation techniques contributed to the success of the operation does this hurt Obama's credibility since he proclaimed them torture... more

On The Meter we will discuss the President's birth certifcate and if Donald Trump has become a serious contender for the White House. Are the devastating storms in the south caused by global warming? Join the discussion Sunday... more
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