The Medium At Large

The Medium At Large

The Medium At Large

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Listen to talented Psychic Mediums from all over the world share their stories; tell you how they work and take your calls to bring you evidence and messages from your loved ones in spirit! Susan is in Cleveland, Ohio. She does medical and business intuitive work for clients as well as offering guidance in relationship issues. But, as a Spiritualist, Susan specializes in Mediumship, tuning in with Spirits who have crossed over. Fast, accurate, funny, down to earth, practical and direct. Susan trained in Lily Dale, America's largest and oldest Spiritualist community. Known for readings that are delivered with compassion, warmth and humor, Susan brings on guests mediums who will do the same and entertain while bringing healing to callers and listeners alike.

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Declan will join me tonight from Dublin Ireland, to bring through evidence of life after death by describing your own loved ones in spirit and bringing through messages of love and support. Call in and make a connection with the other... more
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Psychic Medium Karen Rose Slember will return to talk about working with Spirit and will join me as we bring evidence of survival of the human spirit by identifying spirit around our callers and bringing through messages of love and... more

This week we welcome Paul and Deb Reese, a Welsh couple who happen to be psychic mediums that bring through spirit in wonderful detail and clarity! I met the Reeses in Lily Dale, NY; a Spiritualist community in the US where they were... more

Tonight we are thrilled to have a wonderful Pennsylvanian Psychic Medium, Carole J. Obley. Join us as we talk about how she first discovered she could link in with Spirit. Then we will go to the phones to take YOUR calls and bring... more

Join in as we welcome back Toronto's Compassionate Messenger: Psychic Medium, teacher and author, Carolyn Molnar. We will work together to bring you evidence and messages from your loved ones on the other side! Carolyn's warm... more

UK Psychic Medium Tom Dodds returns by popular request! Call in early as the phones will be blowing up with Spirit! (661) 621-7554 Tom and I will work side by side to take your calls so we can bring you evidence of life after... more

Alyson Gannon is an Attorney, Intuitive & Evidential Medium. She has a degree in business from The George Washington University and a law degree from Duke University. Alyson is the Director of the Center for Mediumship and Founder of... more

Ever wonder if being a medium can help bring criminals to justice? Tonight Jennifer Hicks tells us how she helps the FBI solve cases as a medium! Then we will take your calls and team up to bring you evidence and messages from... more

Author Carolyn Molnar is a full time psychic medium with over 30 years experience of psychic training to coach and instruct others to tap into and to utilize their inherent intuitive abilities. She takes the mysterious and presents it as... more

British Medium Andy Byng is coming back to talk about the differences between psychic messages and mediumship. As we take your calls and bring you evidence and messages from your loved ones in Spirit, he will identify each as psychic... more
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