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Training (Retraining) the Mind don't get it twisted.. It is a major issue in today's world of sport. Too many athletes have the athleticism to play at an elite level, but they do not. Why? They have not been taught how to think. Well, Jason Colvin of TeamQuest will be joining Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to talk about how creativity, individuality, and the team can be developed towards not just doing what you are told by your coach, but living in the moment and completing the task that is needed at that moment based on what the athlete knows and sees. For more information on The McCarthy Project, visit our website.
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So many of us have no idea the importance the type of seed used to produce the food we consume has on a society. Today, Scott Jackson, professor at the University of Georgia, will join Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to... more

Coach Bo Sandoval, strength coach for Michigan University, will be joining Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to develop out how a structured training program works in both at a team and a individual level. Coach has... more

Dr. Mary Riddel, professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, recently published an article entitled, "Risky Recreation." She discussed the role that risk plays in the life of extreme sports. On the show today, Stephen and Dr. Riddel... more

Dr. Duma and Stephen will be covering the history of concussion and sport over the last 60 years. The challenges that lie ahead for the governing bodies, sports organizations, manufacturers, and the athletes who participate. Lastly, Dr.... more

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project will be covering the book Deep Nutrition. Cahterine Shananhan's book covers the more recent research related to nutrition and traditional gene theory. Secondly, Kathryne Pritle joined Stephen to... more

He joined Stephen McCarthy to talk about recent GMO labeling laws in California and the upcoming vote in Washington state on the same subject. Zack Kaldveer is the Assistant Media Director of Public Relations for Organic Consumers... more

Pastor Nate Ruch of Emmanuel Christian Center joined Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to discuss sports, on and off the field of battle, and debunking the myths surrounding elite performance in Christ. For more... more


Forensic Historian and Filmmaker Richard Grove on Breaking The Chains of Institutionalized Thought to Create a Better Athlete Richard Grove of will be joining Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project... more

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project put together a special report on the coaches and athletes who will be particpating in Kona Ironman. 1. Kris Swarthout, USA Triathlon Coach for Cindy Blackstock, on the history and the importance of... more