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Today, Jill Hamilton and Stephen McCarthy will be talking pro cycling with Team Wiggle Honday Pro Cyclist and Team Owner Rochelle Gilmore about the last couple weeks and the Tour of Flanders Chris Balser, the Bicycle Fit Guru, will... more

AAU Basketball season has arrived. Alex Conover will be rejoining us to talk Minnesota TImberwolves and the local AAU scene in Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Also, Scott Pospichal of Team Texas Titans will be talking about the upcoming... more

Nutrtion is a big subject in today's world of athletics. We will be joined by Jessica Cerra with a seasonal, high energy recipe and nutriton ideas. Erin Demarines of Tri3Bar will be discussing in-race nutrition and pitfalls to avoid. In the last... more

Today, we will be discussing the proper way to develop speed or efficiancy of movement in the following sports. 1. Football 2. Track and Field 3. Swimming 4. Hockey 5. Basketball The following strength coaches will be joining the... more

Stephen McCarthy and Kris Swarthout will be discussing bike cases and other great ways to travel and keep your gear from being crushed or lost. Other areas we will be covering include how to choose a pair of cycling shoes and if time... more

Actress Kelley Jakle will be joining The McCarthy Project on Monday, April 1st at 12pm CST/2pm PST to discuss her upcoming movie "42." A little known fact is that her great-grandfather is Branch Rickey of the Los Angeles Dodgers.... more

Monday, April 1st. The crew will be talking random sports through out the day. Guests include: 1. Joe Price of Rinknet Software. Talking scouting hockey players and hockey current events. 2. Tricia O'Hara will be sharing her story of victory... more

Barefoot training is one of the biggest trends in the world of fitness. The concept is not new. We will break down all the facets of training barefoot with shoes. Rick Leier will join us to breakdown Inov8, one of the leading footwear manufacturers... more

Shannon Coates, an accomplished amatuer triathlete, will be joining us to talk about altitude training from her perspective. She have been using an altitude tent for the last 6-7 weeks and will share her thoughts related to training at... more

Today on the show, we will be talking about trends in coaching with Championship Productions Education Director Thom McDonald. Following Thom, we will be talking organic nutrition with Michelle Weinstein of Fitzee Foods.... more