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I'm back with more truth for you the truth-seekers. Make sure you listen every weekend at 10pm on Saturdays. Got a "smokin" show coming up this Saturday.

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Tonight is the show we should have presented last night but we're late. Sorry about that. If you really want to know why White people are going berserk at the town hall meetings we've been seeing, you have got to hear tonight's show. It... more

Had computer problems yesterday and had to cancel last night's show; but tonight's show will truly make up for it. You've got to listen OR you will miss the greatest TALKING BLOG on the internet. Don't forget, you can follow along with... more

This session will finally bring us up to date with the Mark Kimmel blogs. That makes me so happy because now we can report on the hear and now each week. Wait until you hear the Sunday show! It's going to blow your mind for sure... more

Tonight's session is a summary by Mark Kimmel of the past few months and an up-do-date look at where we are in the dimensional change process. We're looking good people :). Some of you might have noticed that you're "feeling"... more

Tonight is our continuation of the Mark Kimmel conversations with the celestials hoving over our planet at present. Go to and read along with me to help you understand what they are trying to relate to us,... more

Tonight we will hear The Disclosure Project and The Cosmic Paradigm on views of the media. This show is one you CANNOT miss. Tell your friends about. If you have friends who don't have computers and you want them to hear our program,... more

Whoa there, mother nature sent a rain storm my way tonight and knocked me offline "twice". I've resubmitted tonight's show to exclude the vacant spots and apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. And I hope you... more

Hi my friends, welcome back. This is our 3rd session and I can't wait to tell you what's going on. Read with me on my site and make sure I read it right! Click on the Directory at the top of the page and click on... more

Hi friends, welcome to our next session of talks with our brothers and sisters from the galaxy. Mark Weds and Sundays as our "talk days" and let this be your latest "soap opera" because I can't wait to hear what these wonderful people... more

Hellow my friends, I'm so glad to be back with you with a new show lineup. I've restructured my shows to capture a wider audience of believers in our extraterrestrial relatives watching over us until we move into the 4th dimension.... more