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Maxximillian Dafoe

Maxximillian Presents: Thematic


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Maxximillian Presents: Thematic is a journalism-based storytelling podcast featuring listener-themed stories. Each episode features an interview with a creator, innovator, writer, artist or scientist. A musical feature from a unique musical group, solo artist, or musician ranging in style from classical to funk is presented in each episode to shine a light on Maxximillian's favorite—sometimes obscure—musical discoveries.

On-Demand Episodes

The Worst Thing People Do At Parties—I bet it's not what you think!

Whether it was the surprise party from Hell or the best b-day ever, I want your story. Birthday peeps, strip-o-gram dancers, clowns—I'm looking at you!

Have you ever seen someone you wanted to get to know but before you could make your move, the moment was gone?

Ever seen a ghost? Had an experience you couldn't explain? THEMATIC is looking for podcast guests to share real-life supernatural stories!

Seeking Oktoberfest lovers, and homebrewers of all skill levels to be podcast guests.

The American Experiment: Are pure politics our solution to irreconcilable differences? We discuss the boogieman in U.S. politics—and it's not who you think.

How Liberal Media’s Seduction of America Led To A Presidential SNAFU and how we can reach common ground—according to Writer-Director Rob McCollum of the riveting audio drama TERMS, the solution is in the problem.

Eyes Wide Shut: Unpleasant Truths Vs. Comfortable Lies — How Liberal Media's Seduction of America Led To A Presidential SNAFU Writer-Director Rob McCollum of the riveting political audio drama TERMS & Author Maxximillian... more