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Mary and Sallie will bring light to issues of importance Sundays at Six

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Host: Sallie O. Elkordy http://billiontoddlermarchforsurvival.blogspot Listen with pen and paper in hand regarding: Peace, Freedom (NDAA/Trespass Bill) Chemtrails, Vaccines Injury,... more

Host: Sallie O. Elkordy (with White Feather in photo) Rev. Kevin Annett (Eagle Strong Voice) March in NYC on 5/1/12 for Justice "Gulf Residents Call Out to MOMS!" Foytlin/Arnesen... more

Host: Sallie Elkordy Guests: John Wynne of "Headline Truth News" and Kevin Annett Film, "UNREPENTANT" Sallie is... more

Sundays @ Six! Sallie Elkordy's Guests are: Joan Wile of Grandmothers Against the War John Wynne of "Headline Truth News" on FB Alert!!! "Nullify the NDAA" for YOUR State: Please create a CITIZEN'S PETITION (following the format... more

Sundays at Six ~ Guests: Dr. Rebecca Carley on Pesticides and FB's: Apprentice Vinbeazel Sallie Elkordy, Host: Nullify the NDAA in YOUR State! "We the People, of the State of New York,... more

Sundays at Six Sallie Elkordy's guests: C. J. TROXLER, Congressional Candidate, Shrimp Salesman and Gulf Spill Activist from... more

Every Sunday at Six Mary & Sallie Elkordy's guest: Dr. Rebecca Carley recommends remedies for the sick children in the Gulf. Cherri Foytlin requests media coverage for this issue.

Every Sunday at Six Mary & Sallie Elkordy's guest: The Honorable Cynthia McKinney

Mainstream Theorist, Mary Elizabeth Elkordy and Conspiracy Realist, Sallie O. Elkordy host "The Mary and Sallie Show" on SUNDAYS @ SIX! Dr. Rebecca Carley of will answer your questions... more

Mainstream Theorist and Conspiracy Realist Tune in Sundays at Six for The Mary and Salie Show! MERRY CHRISTMAS Since President Obama has until Dec. 26, 2011 to VETO the National Defense Authorization Act (which... more