The Marathon Show

The Marathon Show

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A show about and for marathon runners. Hear from other marathon runners, race directors, medical professionals and suppliers about running marathons. We feature segments dedicated to upcoming races, training programs, equipment and stories about how the marathon has changed people's lives.

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A beautiful day in one of America's favorite cities is the setting for this Rock 'n' Roll race. San Francisco plays host and Transamerica is the sponsor of this point to point half marathon. While at the expo, we visit with some locals who tell... more

Joe was part of the announcing team at the 2014 ASICS LA Marathon. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles as more than 25,000 runners ran from the LA Dodgers Stadium to the seaside finish in Santa Monica. We'll take a short stop... more

The California UT 1020 was a beautiful 10 mile race along the ocean beginning in scenic Del Mar, CA. Come on out and with Joe as paints a picture of a rave run, gets hassled by some runners and does some double duty at the finish line.... more

We're off to the Surf City Marathon today. It's set in Huntington Beach, CA on the ocean on Super Bowl Sunday. More than 20,000 people come out for these events each year. This year we produced this show and filmed The Marathon... more

Kick off the new year with an amazing race weekend. Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL was the host of the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. Over 70,000 runners came out for the events that included a marathon.... more

We use Runners World magazine for all the content in this show. Joe reads through a recent edition of Runners World commenting on the articles, advertisements and races. If you love Austin, TX you'll want to hear him talk... more

The last show of 2013. The audience writes in with questions for Joe or comments about their races, accomplishments and upcoming goals for 2014. We'll talk about international races, stories of 2013, Joe's favorite races of 2013, the... more

We're running with the holiday geniuses today. It's the 2013 Holiday Half Marathon in Pomona, CA. We arrive on race morning, visit with a few friends then broadcast while running the race. Along the way we'll get passed by thousands... more

Reno Stirrat and Gary Allen are two of the most remarkable marathon runners in the world. They're members of a small, elite group of runners who have run sub 3:00 marathons in each of the last 5 decades. Beginning in the 70's and all the... more