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"The Man Cave Forum" Three hosts enjoy sharing life's experience and the perspective that each brings to the situation or topic.

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YouR co-hosts have the same sense about what is in front of them in their life's journey. We have moved into our retirement years and we have a sense we have done it all. Well, we know that is not possilbe or practical. Therefore, where... more

We periodically take journies that we are called to make. Albert and Lanny have just returned from one of those amazing and enlightening journy to Mount Ida in Arkansas. There has been information published my a leading spiritualist that... more

There is an abundance of information and our intuition is telling us we have moved into the energy of receiving. It is part of the transistion that has been evolving in recent decades (years). We are moving out of dedication with a... more

Have you gone to a place you use to love to go and the old feeling is gone. Have you reconnected with old friends and it is almost like being with strangers you have met for the first time. You think - I do not belong here any more. Many... more

Your co-host live in Southern California which is earthquake country, however, earthquakes are common all over the world. We are not going to discuss the scientific aspects of earthquakes. We want to expand our perceptions. We know... more

In prior programs we have mentioned "Conscious Living." On this program we want to devote to an more indept presentation of the meaning of conscious (choice) living. What is it? How does this differ from what we have been doing?... more

I personally have had the thought or comment made to me to "Follow your Heart." I think I know what this means but is there more to it? Does this mean to act on a dream we have - like Albert has done pursuing stand-up comedy? Does it mean... more

War is over - what does this mean? You may see war in the news and pending actions by governments that could lead to war. So why is war over? This should be an interesting topic that we are sure will go in many directions and related... more

What do hermits and lighthouses have in common? Maybe more than you think. Your co-hosts will discuss the messages they heard at a recent event. This is going to be an interesting discussion and very important for the current... more

This may not be a topic you would expect The Man Cave Forum to tackle. However, join us and we believe you will find the conversation will be much different than you anticipate. To join in the conversation call our toll-free number... more