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Max Ryan is a Positive Results Mentor, Certified Coach and Trainer who teaches many spiritual & metaphysical tools and how you can apply them to attract positive results and reduce negative ones. Say YES if that sounds good to you?! Since a very young child Max has had the gift of being extremely sensitive to this world and the world beyond. In fact, as a child he did not understand why other people didn't understand that they were in fact God incarnate. That may sound extreme, but it became a defining moment for him. As Max grew he realized that that was his purpose and gift to the world; to help people remember that they are gods and goddesses of their own lives, and that they have ultimate power of creation. It is in that realization that people can also discover their true purpose. He has dedicated his life and his work to people who are seeking a deeper meaning of this life and becoming the powerful creators in order attract positive results in any, and all areas of their life. In this way, when the time comes to leave this life, they will look back on their time here with no regrets, but only love, peace and joy. Recently Max had a near death experience. During this experience Max received realizations and confirmations about what life really is and many other extremely valuable lessons. This experience has re-invigorated Max’s work with more power, urgency and clarity. From the details of The Law of Attraction to A Course in Miracles, Max’s depth of knowledge and ability to make complex concepts, simple and applicable has earned him the reputation of being the spiritual "How To" guy. Max’s pragmatic, non-traditional approach to coaching and spirituality supports his clients as they uncover their authentic selves and reach the next level in their professional, personal and spiritual lives. Max is currently finishing 2 books, “Say YES if… 30 Days of Positive Questions to Transform your Life” & “The Magic of Life; Re-Connecting

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This week on the magic life radio with Max Ryan, Max will talk and teach about the powerful tool of using "pats on the back" to attract more into your life and raise your vibration. Tune into the special show and Max will take your calls... more

How often do you give attention, energy or focus to the concept of Beauty? On todays show Max will talk about how powerful the concept of Beauty is in attracting positive results in our lives. Whether that is a peaceful life, a new... more

Join Max todays as he teaches about one of the most misunderstood lesson in A Course in Miracles "I Need Do Nothing" and how mastering this one concept will fast track the Law of Attraction. Max will also take your calls!! Max Ryan is a... more

Do you want to work with Angels more in your life? Well you just may be working with them and you may not even realize it! Join Max today as he shows you how your THOUGHTS are actually creating angels! This will be a fun and... more

Join Max today as he explores the idea of forgiveness and how when we forgive ourselves and others it raises your vibration. When your vibrations are raised we are a natural magnet to attract more positive things, experiences and... more

Today Max is proud to have the wonderful Kenny Brixey on the show! Kenny is the host of "Life's Toolbox" on Empower Radio where he shares tools that can be used in everyday life enabling you to live a more conscious, empowered and... more

Join Max and his awesome special guest Life Coach Pam Thomas. Max and Pam will be giving you stradegies and tools to help you create an amazing 2014 by playing a BIG game baby!! Join us for this inspirational show and call in to talk... more

On todays show in honor of Max getting a new kitty the show is dedicated to animals!! It has been proven scientifically that animals help humans in many ways. Of course we all know how our own pets ahve made us feel better... more

On today's show Max welcomes Financial expert Beth Marshall! One of the areas in life where we generate negative results is around finances. This vibration effects everything and if we are wanting to attract positive results in the financial... more
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