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Mission We are dedicated to building bonds within the black community. Our vision is to inspire our brothers and sisters to uplift and support each other. We encourage all people within their respective communities to be empowered, and take responsibility to affect positive change in their lives, and in the lives of others Description The Lundyn Brown Empowerment Organization Also known as LBEO (la-bay-oh) consists of the following: The Lundyn Brown Show- a free weekly life empowerment podcast covering news, current events, topics that include real life issues from learning to love yourself to bullying; we’ll tackle any life empowerment topic! The show is not censored and the listeners love being able to say what they feel without being told limitations. The show started in February 2013 and to date has been listened to over 25,000 time and is continually growing. The average audience is men and women from ages 21-53 all over the world. The show has been commended and listed as a featured show on Blog Talk Radio which is a really big deal! Our dedication tolife empowerment is unwavering and we believe in miracles. We are devoted to humanity (view our Pay It Forward Campaign). Visit us at or call us at 1-888-315-2354 ext1

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Today's Topic: Oftentimes we know nothing about whats really going on with the changes that affect us most. We often base our decisions soley off what we hear on the news, or the opinions of others, never taking time to research... more

Today's Topic: Countless times we see parents struggling to pay bills but waiting in line to buy the new Jordans. We see women carrying $1000 purses and renting. We see men who will by Gucci but not take care of his children. Getting... more

Today's Topic: Many times women are stuck taking care of children alone. Is it something that they set themselves up for? If it is established upon conception that the man does not want the child, should he still be financially... more

Today's Topic: Many people want a relationship an are stuck in a "friend" zone. They spend countless nights in tears because the one that they love doesn't love them back. Is casual sex worth the heart ache that follows? Is casual sex... more

Today's Topic: The credit monster is an ugly monster to tame and one that will never go away. Most people think that the mistakes of yesterday will impact the decisions of tomorrow, and that may be true to a certain extent, but you don't... more

Today's Topic: Sometimes the only thing that holds us back from greatness is ourselves. In this show we're going to teach you to understand your self worth so that you can be economically empowered. The change begins with you. We... more

Today's Topic: African Americans have been stereotyped for years, treated like animals, and identified as the lower class and it has made them angry. But the question remains, are you living up to the stereotype? And if you are, why are... more

Today's Topic: Are you on the heavier side and tired of being that way? Is exercise everyday something thats not on your list of things you want to do everyday? We have information that may be able to help! Tune in live with us... more

Today's Topic: Can you agree that not everyone is job ready? There are some people who use prostitution as a means of survival, do you think that prostitution is a economic solution to life stability for some? Could it someday be a legal... more

Today's Topic: If you continually think about your ex while you're in a new relationship or you're carrying baggage, you haven't moved on..we're going to teach you how to move on & live well, empower you to change your position!... more
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