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Mission We are dedicated to building bonds within the black community. Our vision is to inspire our brothers and sisters to uplift and support each other. We encourage all people within their respective communities to be empowered, and take responsibility to affect positive change in their lives, and in the lives of others Description The Lundyn Brown Empowerment Organization Also known as LBEO (la-bay-oh) consists of the following: The Lundyn Brown Show- a free weekly life empowerment podcast covering news, current events, topics that include real life issues from learning to love yourself to bullying; we’ll tackle any life empowerment topic! The show is not censored and the listeners love being able to say what they feel without being told limitations. The show started in February 2013 and to date has been listened to over 25,000 time and is continually growing. The average audience is men and women from ages 21-53 all over the world. The show has been commended and listed as a featured show on Blog Talk Radio which is a really big deal! Our dedication tolife empowerment is unwavering and we believe in miracles. We are devoted to humanity (view our Pay It Forward Campaign). Visit us at or call us at 1-888-315-2354 ext1

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Today marks 2 years that we've been on the air and able to empower and inspire others! It is such a big deal to us and we would love for you to join us! Bring your words of encouragement and also memories of past shows! Share with us... more

Today's Episode: Tax time is always a very desired time among many people. We often forget that just as quick as we get it, it can dissappear if we're not careful. There are ways to turn your tax dollar into wealth that will not only last you all... more

Today's topic: Have you ever tried to help someone by offering sound advice? Perhaps you've called the police after watching a domestic incident? What about stopping a group of children from jumping on another child? Does these things... more

Today's Topic:Social networking sites are a top news source for 27.8% of Americans, ranking below newspapers (28.8%) and above radio (18.8%) and print publications (6%). Oftentimes people are so engrossed in the social networks... more

Today's Topic: Welcome back! We have truly missed you during our vacation and we hope that you're ready for a very full season! Today we're talking about cheating, topic very often misunderstood and under acknowledged in... more

Today's Topic: Is it possible to fix a problem that we don't understand why it exists? We can rally against violence, cry out, publish news stories, but unless we understand why it continues to happen, we're unable to understand how to... more

Today's Topic: In the African American community Mental Illness is not recognized as a real disease. Many times black men and women harbor this illness and are afraid or don't know where to get help. It oftentimes leads to an... more

Well hello! Boy have we missed you all! We're looking forward to going live with you soon! But for now, enjoy some of our earlier shows!!!! We're talking about Interracial Dating! Are people too overzealous about interracial relationships?... more

2014 we are pushing full power! We're expanding and empowering people all over the world! WE NEED YOUR HELP! WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE LAUNCH OF BLACK EMPIRE MAGAZINE!!! We are looking for ordinary... more
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