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The Love Channel Show is about relationships. Romantic, friends, family, business, animals, in other words – any kind of relationship! Since LOVE is everything, we also talk about spirituality, self-growth, healing, psychic and intuition topics. Listen and take a journey deeper into love! Contact the host at

Upcoming Broadcasts

Exploring the Twitterverse with Gary Loper, aka The King of Twitter, on August 26, 2014 at 8pm Eastern. If you ever wonder what this tweeting thing is all about, desire to get better at it, or how to build relationships on Twitter – have we got a show for you! Gary Loper will teach you not only what Twitter is, but how it is not just for business or the news. Go on a Twitterverse Journey to build personal relationships around the world. You will also discover how one tweet saved a life and prevented someone from committing suicide. For questions on the topic please call (646) 478-0020. Gary Loper is a recognized Twitter expert, mindset coach, motivational speaker, trainer, former talk radio host, life and business coach, and highly respected entrepreneur, helping people master the business of life by Building Better Relationships. In addition, Gary's strong background in marketing and sales, and his 30+ years of superior customer service and 15 years of direct sales adds more depth to who he is. With 160,000+ followers on Twitter he has built a huge following based on adding value to people's lives, sharing his knowledge, beliefs and philosophies in his messages. He has incorporated into his platform ‘Just for Today' messages, inspirational messages that have helped people renew their hope. He is the author of 3eBooks: Master the Twitterverse, Guide to Getting More Followers, and 37 Keys to Building Better Networking Relationships and 20 Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships. To learn more about Gary and follow on Twitter @GaryLoper.
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On-Demand Episodes

Woof! Join my guest, Karen Palmer, for a show dedicated to ?Doggie Relationships,? on Tuesday, March 25th at 8pm ET. Karen uses a spiritual approach to training dogs. She will discuss lots of ways to help people connect... more

Get the Dirt on Dating and Relationships! Toni Rae, author of "I Dated This Guy Once", is the guest for March 18, 2014 show at 8pm ET. We will cover online dating, dating Mr. Wrong, The One, and much more. Please call (646) 478-0020... more

Meditation is the topic for March 11th show at 8pm ET. Pamela will discuss the benefits and the different styles of meditation. Yes, one of the benefits is a happier love life! A relaxing meditation is included in this show. Questions and... more

Please join Pamela Cummins, Tuesday, 3/4/14 at 8pm ET, for the show ?Positive Affirmations and Thoughts.? Find out what affirmations are and how to come up with one that is perfect for you. Discover how positive affirmations and thoughts... more

Join Pamela Cummins and her guest, Dyan Garris, Tuesday 2/25/14 at 8pm ET, on the topic of ?The Chakras.? Discover what chakras are and how they affect our everyday life. Find out how unbalanced chakras manifest in our lives... more

WARNING this show is NOT for the faint of heart! Please join my guest Jodi Ambrose on Tuesday, 2/18/14 at 8pm ET, for the show ?What Men Think!? Because of the show's topic this show will be for the mature only! Keep all... more

Get ready for a special Valentine's Show on Opening Your Heart to Love! With special guest, Bruce Starr, on Tuesday, 2/11/14 at 8pm ET. Learn tips on how to work through your fear of rejection and old baggage. Discover how to get to a... more

Let Go of the Old & Embrace the new! Please join Pamela Cummins with her guest, Kimberley Simon, Tuesday 2/4/14 at 8pm ET. Discover how old past events and imposed ideas/beliefs influence our lives today. How to let that... more

Online Dating from a Man's Point of View! 1/28/14 at 8pm ET. This repeat episode is the very first show on"The Love Channel Show. Rev. Wayne shares his experience on how he found love on the dating sites. Learn the dos and don'ts.... more

She can Talk to the Animals! Janet Roper is the guest for Tuesday, January 21, 14 at 8pm ET. In this show take a journey into the world of animal communication. Discover if you can do this when they are living or in the afterlife. And more... more