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The Love Channel Show is about relationships. Romantic, friends, family, business, animals, in other words – any kind of relationship! Since LOVE is everything, we also talk about spirituality, self-growth, healing, psychic and intuition topics. Listen and take a journey deeper into love! Contact the host at

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Marion Baker, the LOVE Therapist, will help you to Discover the Key to Finding the Relationship of Your Dreams (And Prepare To Find It Where You Least Expect). This special show will air Tuesday, 9/23/14 at 8pm Eastern. Listen to Marion explain what can keep you from finding true love. It is time to stop the self-defeating patterns in love. You will learn new ways to bring that special someone into your life! The call in is (646) 478-0020 for questions on the topic. Marion Baker became a Registered Therapeutic Counselor, specializing in Transpersonal Therapy in 2009 and has authored her first book, The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch available internationally and on Amazon. The bigger qualifier Marion has to write this book is her thirty years of looking for love, finding it illusive, then finally discovering the key to long term relationships. Armed with another way to look at relationships that make them not only more effective, but allow a path to greater spiritual connection and freedom, she felt compelled to share what she knows with those who are also challenged in finding lasting love. For more information, please visit
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On-Demand Episodes

Join my guest Gary Karp for the topic Clarity is Power on Tuesday, 9/16/14 at 8pm Eastern. Gary will share how he overcame huge obstacles in his life and manifested his goals to live his dream life! Learn how you can use the CLEAR... more

Join us - 9/2/14 at 8pm ET for The Cat's Meow. Crazy Cat Lady, Pamela Cummins, will be in kitty heaven hosting this show! You will learn the history of cats, interesting kitty tidbits, and her own kitty stories. She will also share... more

Exploring the Twitterverse with Gary Loper, aka The King of Twitter, on August 26, 2014 at 8pm Eastern. If you ever wonder what this tweeting thing is all about, desire to get better at it, or how to build relationships on Twitter – have... more

John James Santangelo Is the guest on August 12, 2014 at 8pm ET., 5pm PT. John will discuss how YOU CAN influence anyone at anytime, including yourself first! He'll offer you the 7 tactics that great salespeople, negotiators, and... more

Asking the right question is key to change...and the key to a fulfilling life. Listen to guest Lisa Rhyne on August 5, 2014 at 8pm ET, 5pm PT. She will teach why questions about how you can take your life to the next level of success.... more

Soul Mates is the topic for July 29, 2014 show at 8pm Eastern. Pamela will explain what a soul mate is, the different types of soul mates, and affirmations to use to help manifest your soul mate. For questions on the topic call (646)... more

Join us for The Life of a Musician with guest Robert Carvalho on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 8pm ET. Rob Carvalho describes his musical journey, how the music industry of today effects his path, and other insights for musicians. Listen to... more

?Healthy, Intuitive Living? will be the topic for Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 8pm ET. You will discover how Rev. Tanya Tarail, medical intuitive and healer, works to untangle the root causes of health issues. Rev. Tanya will share her wisdom on... more

Join us for Astrology, Numerology, & Lexigram with guest Sharita Star on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 8pm ET. Discover how astrology and numerology can teach us about ourselves and improve our lives. Are you wondering what in the... more