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Red, White, and Screwed : The Pentagon Rape Cover Up

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Raped In The Military: A National Security Issue.

While serving their country, approximately 26,000 men and women yearly are raped and sodomized continuously and these incidents are disturbingly covered up. Victims of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) are instructed to remain quiet and left to suffer, consequently causing them to become suicidal. The victims’ stories are revealed in a film produced and directed by Michael Miller and Gerri Lynn Weinstein Miller entitled “Justice Denied” which exposes the shocking stories of rape and humiliation. In the film, some of the victims speak of the notorious cannibal and rapists Jeffery Dahmer (who served in the U.S. Army from 1970- 1981) as being the perpetrator of their rape.  

 In 2005, LaVena Lynn Johnson was brutally raped, beaten, and murdered while serving in the U.S. Army. Her father, Dr. John Johnson, will share his daughter's story.

Join in the conversation (6p CST/7p EST/4p PST) with the producers of the film "Justice Denied" , Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Randy Short at The Lotus Place and hear the stories of human and civil rights violations being covered up in the military.

Trailer for the film can be viewed here;


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