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The Lone Writer showcases self-published and small-press authors and their work. Everything from the craft of writing to the techniques used to market written work is covered. We enjoy sharing readings of our guests' work and discussing it with our listeners.

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This week we talk with the talented author of The Rubicon Effect and Saving Our Pennys about the stories behind his books and how his life experiences have brought him to his current place as a writer.

This episode is dedicated to the ecclectic universe of popular culture. Some of it will be about some of the greatest jazz ever. The rest will be about whatever you and Jeff and I come up with. We'll go down that road together this Wednesday... more

On our next show we will interview a talented young man who writes engaging childrens fantasy novels. His Child of the Moonlit Leaves series has met with very postitive reviews.

This week The Lone Writer Presents Chaplain Batman's Whiz Bang Radio, is entitled Pop Culture without Borders. Call in and talk about whatever you want to in the pop culture milieu, because it's your show.

This week on The Lone Writer, we have a talk with Caddy Rowland, author of Gastien: The Cost of the Dream, a fine piece of Historical Fiction. We'll ask Caddy about her research methods as well as her thoughts on making stories set in the... more

Let's comtinue our "anything and everything pop culture" format, just as long as it would pass Johnny Carsons censors. I want this to be your show, but that can only happen if you call in. I want to throw out almost everything that my co-host... more

On March 5th we'll be talking with talented and engaging writer/poet Nick Trandahl about his new novel, Clark's Turning Leaf. Be sure to listen in as we talk about this profound story and hear how Nick prepared for the task of writing it.

The ill-fated show of 2/14 never happened. 2/26's episode of The Lone Writer Presents Chaplain Batman's Whiz Bang Radio will be spectacular. There will be a wide variety of music, and my co-host Jeff Gafford and I will be discussing... more

This episode of our show, we talk with second-generation Hollywood actor (he's the son of matinee idol of both the silent and early sound film eras, Richard Dix) and all-around terrific guy, Bob Dix. We will discuss Bob's latest book, To Be a... more