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Mark Moore

The Localist


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Issues related to current events in government, science, and religion. Especially as they relate to the philosophy of government known as "Localism" as described in the book "Localism, a philosophy of government."

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Even if you favor an Article V Amendments Convention, you should oppose this approach and this proposed amendment. Here is why.....

Is an article V amendments convention a way for the states to reign in an errant federal government, or is fedgov itself an integrel part of the process?

Church has become so much about how God wants to meet the "felt needs" of the congregants that often the nature of God Himself is not adequately explored. This leads to a warped view of God as some sort of ATM in the sky who will... more

Radio host Mark Levin and others have argued that the states should call for a convention to amend the constitution as prescribed under article five. Mark Moore examines the different proposals which purport to make this process "fail-safe"... more

One of the accusations post-moderns make against God is that He cannot be just because the Bible does not condemn slavery. Mark examines the biblical position on this issue and makes the point that God's view on the subject soars... more

Was America conceived as a Localist nation? Mark discourses on Localism in the American Experiement, the first part of a series from the book "Localism, A Philosohy of Government" which reads like one of the Federalist Papers born... more

Mark addresses the accusation that God is a bully for sending people to a firey Hell for not worshipping Him. Intro music by Gary Szmyd.

The God of the Old Testament ordered the Israelites to eradicate all of the inhabitants of the cities of Canaan, men, women, and children - even animals. This command has been used as Exhibit A for those who maintain that the... more

In I Kings we see that the Prophet Elijah is frustrated with the corrupt society he is in to the point where he just wants God to kill him and get it over with. But while that may solve his problem, it won't solve the problem of the 7,000 that have... more

Mark me down as one Christian who thinks the leadership of the Christian Right has got it wrong on Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Plus, the college education bubble, macro-sizing your evolution might be harder than you thought, and SWAT... more