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Project U Radio Network is a project of The Literary Underground to connect and promote independent writers, artists and musicians.

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Join head operator Newamba Flamingo and the chemist Frankie Metro for an hour or so of moral ineptitude and prosaic punch-drunk leeriness. Thursday 10pm wst, 11pm mt 12 am cst 1am... more

The Literary Underground: Community, Collective, Chaos? What IS The Literary Underground? The time has come to share the vision of the Literary Underground community, with founder Michele McDannold, who will speak to her... more

Exiled from all major american cities, DVTcRFM returns tonight with something a little stronger, definitely harder- for the ride home: Saru, Bad Brains, Birdy Nam Nam, Emperor Penguin and more... Tuesday: 10pm wst 11pm mt 12am cst 1am... more

This week's show is Publisher & writer R.L. Raymond. R.L. will discuss his press " Pigeon Bike" & read from his collection " Sonofabitch Poems"

Tonight: Live From The Telegraph, Oakland, With Special Guest Missy Church. Find out about BEAST Crawl, the lit crawl in July in Oakland, and more. Join The Literary Underground for topics, open mic sessions, and guests. Hosted by... more

Bad Brains, washed out. The Empire of the SUn has opened a new express - way, and there are passing motorists that claim they have seen Bootsy Collins near one of the overpasses, setting fires in the name of funk and whatever else... more

This Week's show,will be writer John Dorsey. Join us as we interview John and listen to him read some of his excellent poems. 11 eastern/ 8 pacific, April 23rd 2012, you don't want to miss it.

Join The Literary Underground for topics, open mic sessions, and guests. Hosted by Lynn Alexander, Frankie Metro, and Paul Corman-Roberts. Featuring sporadic dispatches from Pantifesto and mutterings from the Chosen Proletariat. Open to... more

"This is the worst hour. Old people once called it the hour of the wolf. It is when most people die and most children are born. And if we are awake, we are afraid..." -Ingmar Max Von Bergman Sydow- DVTcrFM: 10pm wst 11pm mt... more

This week's show is San Francisco poet and author William Taylor Jr. 11 pm easter/ 8 pacific. Tune in, lean back, and listen to Taylor as he reads his poetry & short stories...
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