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The Liberal Redneck

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The Professor is still recovering from our last show, featuring our friend Steve Steed… but the show must go on and it is our mission preach the gospel of liberalism. Join us today for another exciting, jam-packed episode of THE... more

The hypocrisy thickens with each passing day! What on Earth are the GOP thinking, still backing the most hypocritical man to occupy the White House? And they actually think Americans are stupid enough to support the new "health... more

Loose threads all over the place. Trump "I Don't" Care, quoted or not wiretapping microwaves, leaked or planted tax return, Fed Judge bans the bans... We can only hope the reign of 45 is about to unravel. Another week in Bizzarro USA.... more

The Professor has been away for an entire month, traveling the globe preaching the gospel of liberalism, but he is back and a lot has happened since we last met. So, today is another exciting, jam-packed episode of THE FACULTY LOUNGE... more

The GOP finally unveiled their gift to rich folks and Health Insurance companies. All you schmucks who voted for them, did you REALLY think they have your poor ass well-being at heart? Literally!? With approximately 10% of the... more

Zillian hits the airwaves this Sunday night at 11pm Eastern Time, along with PD the Pagan Goddess, to talk about what the Hell Cheetoman has been doing this week; namely, nothing presidential! Can we Unpresident him already? Please?!

Trump's 3 R's. Refuse, Recuse Resign. Let's not forget the big R in the room, Russia! What do they take us for? Today was a HUGE news day. Join us tonight as we discuss the "What now?" Join the conversation if you wish! Since... more

Zillian and PD the Pagan Goddess fire up the airwaves yet again this unnaturally warm Sunday evening to bring you the latest despicable actions the Cheeto Manchild and his "handlers" have wreaked upon our nation. Also, some... more

Join host Zillian as she tackles the breakdown of the fourth week of the utter disaster the so-called "administration" is trying to call a "presidency" of one Cheeto T. Manchild -- the T. stands for Toddler. In truth, the whole thing is... more