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Political and Historical documentations of African Americans

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Generation Relations is a program dealing with the concerns of the African race between the younger and older generations. Previous Major Topic (2/9/2014) "Reclaiming the image of Africa from the eyes of our Ancestors, Elders &... more

A weekly discussion to evaluate the progress of Blacks in America, the history and the purpose of the UNIA-AC, and to measure that against the vision of Marcus Garvey. Commentary provided by UNIA-ACL President-General... more

This program showcases Philadelphia artistry and displays it on a national level. Ramisous will highlight local musicians and poets works and provide insight into their backgrounds, motivation, and how they uplift the African community.

A Nation can rise no higher than it's Woman! Ladies in truth with Leslie Wirght is about exposing the truth that is hidden deep down within us no matter if you're a Woman or Man the truth is there we just have to mine it out. Nobody will ever... more

Who are the Dallas 6? At SCI Dallas (PA), after a series of abuses at the hands of corrections officials, some prisoners housed in the solitary confinement unit decided they had enough and decided to stage a protest in response to the... more

Aleah HollandRN is a vibrant, vivacious New York City nurse and founder of HEAL Network Inc and a Brooklyn NY mom. Aleah HollandRN never imagined that her family would be lynched inside of a domestic violence family... more

Who did it to you? That is the question of the centry and now must come the answer. Nobody will ever change the condition of a people until they change within themselves. Family the burden is on us to change our behavior; to build... more

America is threatening war with Putin in Ukraine while a Russian spy shipped has docked in Cuba. Should not the American government be more concerned about the possible invasion of America than Russian invasion of Ukraine? The... more

State of the Black Parent with Shaunes Richardson will take place in New York this year in July! Education,Economics, & Enterprise of the Alkebulan bloodlin Part II 'Booking with Multiples' Notoya Green from NY (Triplets in Tribeca), Carl... more

Generation Relations is a program dealing with the concerns of the African race between the younger and older generations. Sister Shaquriah Muhammad is a dynmaic MGT and Vanguard member of the Nation of Islam. A nation can rise... more
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