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What happen to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?

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The government is instituted among men and women to secure the unalienable rights of the human being, life, liberty and the presitute of happiness. Government is supposed to secure these rights, these are not just  civil rights they are human rights from which the Government gets it’s just power (not unjust power) based on the consent of the govern. This is not what we have in America we have a governments that too often abuse their power, and they act like a click of criminals...disturbing or robing its citizens of their human rights! That makes them a criminal of the first order.

We have been robbed of life, liberty and the pursuit of true happiness. Some people are dumb enough to think they are happy in what they pursue, which is our own self destructive behavior.  Their cheap happiness is not real, it only gratifies the sense but it does not feed the soul. The so called government has taken from us life.  Life and love is the same word when you have love you have life and when you have life you have love.   Government needs to produce an environment that allows people to love one another and no government can produce that without righteousness.  Here in America people have given their all at the call of the government and now the soldiers are living under bridges in cardboard boxes. They are sick because America sent them to war and now she will not look after her own veterans. She has robbed them  of the right of education and of family and of scientific knowledge that would to advance their skills, gifts and talents. The present government has been unncessarily destructive of  the people’s inalienable rights.