The Legacy Of A Nation w/ Ramisous


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Political and Historical documentations of African Americans

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State of the Black Parent with Shaunes Richardson! Planning in Session for 2015 Kickoff Event in NYC! Subscribe to the Youtube Channel: SOTBP Conference SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL! SOTBP CONFERENCE TUNE IN ON MONDAY AT 6PM EAST COAST TIME, Speaking on Senseless Comments pertaining to justify why they kill Ours & have not consequences. All what is meant to divide Our community and lose focus. Five-Time Amatuer Night at Apollo Winner & Renown Poet, Jessica Care Moore, will be one of Our Guest. TO GIVE UPDATES OF THOSE IN THE AREA, LOCALS, CELEBRITIES, SERVICES IN THE COMMUNITY ABOUT THE WORLD WAR, WE ARE IN, EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT MAINSTREAM CONFIRMED. Call-in & Engage: #: 661 554 9123 "When a human being lives a life in which he or she enjoys freedom, justice and equality, awareness arises and one can focus on selfless giving - you qualify to be a parent because you are capable of the unconditional love that a parent has for a child. But it is extremely difficult for Black people to get on and remain on this level, because we do not have freedom, justice and equality. We must give too much energy to the survival issues, which pull us down. This is why we cannot ignore our condition. Our freedom - or lack of - directly affects our ability to experience love and happiness in our community." Truth has come to you~
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Black people are at WAR. We are at war with a very cunning and ruthless enemy who has crippled our minds, our bodies and our spirits. We are at a critical stage in this war and the actions we take today will determine whether or not... more

786 . . . This program will discus the teachings of the great west African sufi master Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, essoteric Islam, and knowledge of Self.

Special Guest Manni Hart about the state of the black community & what we can do about it

A detailed look into the plight of the African Diaspora here in America and throughout the world. Upon obtaining his Master's Degree in Social Studies-Citizenship, Jones worked vigorously in the Philadelphia Public School... more

The government is instituted among men and women to secure the unalienable rights of the human being, life, liberty and the presitute of happiness. Government is supposed to secure these rights, these are not just civil rights they are... more

Who did it to you? That is the question of the centry and now must come the answer. Nobody will ever change the condition of a people until they change within themselves. Family the burden is on us to change our behavior; to build... more

Why Ferguson Mo has put us on the path to WAR!!! Break Every Chain that is holding us back from being a free and independent people! Nobody will ever change the condition of a people until they change within themselves. Family... more

State of the Black Parent with Shaunes Richardson! Planning for 2015 Kickoff, do let us know, seriously, interested in being a part of this event. SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL! SOTBP Conference TUNE IN ON MONDAY... more

Where does the white man's lack of empathy for any other creeds come from? Why is his own resources not enough for his people? how does he justify the bleed shed of others for his own gain? Is the white man's metaphoric liking to... more
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