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Political and Historical documentations of African Americans

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ALL ABOUT AFFAIRS What is it about s*x that will make a man potentially give up his wife, his children, his home, his family, possibly even his friends? *** Join us on The Legacy of a Nation - Joshua Generation Network Radio - every Wednesday night at 9:30 pm as we discuss the different aspects of living Black in America. Joshua Generation supports The King's Town Family Foundation & Trust, a conglomerate network of individuals and business owners who come to the table for love, support, teaching, exploration, and a spirit of learning how to use our past as Black Americans as leverage to gauge and guide our futures. We know our history, let's get to know our future like we never have before. This Network is a teaching tool with an emphasis on removing toxic relationships like white racism and black self-hatred from our minds, hearts, families, neighborhoods, and cultures and moving forward into more holistic Black relationships. We can no longer afford to beat one another down and entrap each other over white assimilation and deviant behaviors in this American society, and if we cannot relearn love and trust and respect of one another, we have no hope of survival. None whatsoever. Moreso than black unity, the bottom line is Black Family and Black Trust, keep and care ... all that family has ever stood for in the history of mankind. Our ancestors were The Moses Generation, we are The Joshua Generation.
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Break Every Chain that is holding us back from being a free and independent people! Nobody will ever change the condition of a people until they change within themselves. Family the burden is on us to change our behavior; to build love,... more

State of the Black Parent with Shaunes Richardson will take place in Philly this year in July! "When a human being lives a life in which he or she enjoys freedom, justice and equality, awareness arises and one can focus on selfless giving -... more

Black people are at WAR. We are at war with a very cunning and ruthless enemy who has crippled our minds, our bodies and our spirits. We are at a critical stage in this war and the actions we take today will determine whether or not... more

786 . . . This program will discus the teachings of the great west African sufi master Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, essoteric Islam, and knowledge of Self.

This week on Hotep we will be talking about unity in the community, and the solutions to unify our people.


A detailed look into the plight of the African Diaspora here in America and throughout the world. Upon obtaining his Master's Degree in Social Studies-Citizenship, Jones worked vigorously in the Philadelphia Public School... more

This trial pertains to an April 29, 2010 peaceful protest against illegal and barbaric conditions created by the Department of Corrections' prison guards in the ?hole? at the State Correctional Institution at Dallas (SCI Dallas), including food... more

The Black Panther Party College: We believe that the racist and fascist government of the United States uses its domestic enforcement agencies to carry out its program of oppression against black people, other people of color... more
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