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Tune in to The Leadership Doc as leadership expert Lakeisha McKnight inspires men and women to be the leaders they were predestined to be during tough and prosperous times. Lakeisha is an entreprenuer, author, minister, and professional speaker. She has been aired on major talk radio shows throughout the United States discussing the importance of leaders establishing goals to become successful in life and business. She is known for her ability to captivate and energize her listeners to take action and reach their maximum potential in life through practicing what she preaches. Lakeisha is a Doctor of Strategic Leadership candidate at Regent University and owns three businesses: The ILEAD Company, Kingdom Expansion Enterprises, and Lakeisha McKnight's Health and Wellness Group. All three companies are growing and will soon operate internationally. Lakeisha's mission is to build youthful and innovative leaders throughout the world. Topics discussed on The Leadership Doc will include (but not be limited to) self-leadership, women vs. men in executive leadership, toxic work environments, fun in the workplace, and leadership within the home. On The Leadership Doc, the truth about leadership shall be revealed!

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What is cultural competence? How important is it that leaders understand not just their culture but also the culture of others? Discover the importance of culture competence within organizations and the church with Lakeisha on The... more

Why do men and women hide behind masks, trying to be someone they are not? Why is there constant conflict within the workplace that does not seem to end? How do we combat these common workplace problems? The... more

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Leadership Doc Lakeisha will provide practical guidelines on how to lead yourself well on this segment. If you have a desire to get married, stay married, be a role model to your children, and lead well in the workplace, you must be able to lead... more
The Leadership Doc

Thank You for the Connections

  • by The Leadership Doc
I want to take a moment to thank all of the men and women who have connected with me here on Blog Talk Radio. I appreciate it. I look forward to partnering or working with you in some capacity in the near future. I always like to provide a... more

During this segment, Lakeisha will explain the different between the definition of leadership, poor leadership, and the leadership needed within today's society. Do you want to understand why famous leaders and stars in different business... more
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