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How many only begottens are their?

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The Kingdom of God or Nothing

The Kingdom of God or Nothing


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What does it mean to be an only begotten? If we are the children of a Heavenly Father aren't we begotten by him aswell? Click the link below to read along as we learn about the only begotten...


Among the many titles given to Jesus was the "Only Begotten." It is, in a spiritual sense, a misnomer because Jesus was not the only child begotten of the Father, since we are all begotten sons and daughters of the Father. So this term should be considered as another title or office. To better understand the title of Only Begotten, another title must be comprehended in conjunction with it--that of the "Firstborn." The firstborn child of the Father is the "eldest." Therefore, upon him rests most of the authority, jurisdiction, and responsibility. Among the Hebrews the firstborn or eldest son often carried the position of the father or head of the house.
Because Jesus was referred to as the "Only Begotten", it did not mean that He had no brothers or sisters--because He did. Rather it was a term indicating that there were no equals. It is a designation similar to that of the "Firstborn", which Unger's dictionary explains in the "figurative" sense:
The expression "firstborn" stands for that which is most excellent. Thus Jesus Christ is "the firstborn of every creature." (Heb. 12:23) "The firstborn of the poor" (Isa. 14:30) means the poorest of the poor. (Ungers Bible Dictionary, p. 367)