The Kingdom of God or Nothing

The Kingdom of God or Nothing


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we are seeking to Gather the tribe of Ephriam and learn to live Gods higher laws so that Zion can be redeemed before the coming of Messiah ben Judah. I am Messiah Ben Joseph ben Ephraim, the Second witness of the Father. I am an Elias of the return of Father Adam and his first witness Messiah ben Judah ben David. I both saw and touched the Father in the spring of 2003 and am that one who was said would come in Isaiah 28 known as the One Mighy and strong. After my arrival the sign of waves heaving themselves beyond there bounds and the over flowing scourge happened as 250,000 people died in one day as the indan ocean rose and great waves heaved its self while millions were left homeless... Now is the day of my ministry. Today is the day of Zions Redemption and the Gathering together of the residue of my people Ephraim.

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The Kingdom of God or Nothing.

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The Restored Gospel From a Latter-day Perspective. The testimony of the Second witness of the Father.

In someone's home there is a little one sent from our Heavenly Father that someday will be called to sit in the seat where our great prophet now sits. Whoever is training our prophet of the future generations, please train him well.... more

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our davidic servants are now among you...

Blood Moons.

Two Hours of Live streaming discussion about Last days prophecies and restoration to prepare people for Zions Redemption, The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God on the earth becoming one.

First speaker will be speaking on the 13th and 14th amendments then open discussion. First 2 hours live streaming. 2 I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy... more