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Dr Deb Carlin

The K Factor with Dr. Deb Carlin


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The K Factor: Where K=kindness, and the factor is everything that leads to it. Excellence is possible when you tap into your inner strength and have kindness at the core. Build the Strength Within is the theme and also the book! People all over the world are in a state of need, high need and on every level; psychologically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically, and socially. How do we all get our needs met? It happens through human connections. We want those connections to contain the many elements of kindness. Kindness is the global currency! With it, everything becomes possible. Think about it, when someone extends kindness to you, you become more receptive to what they want to say to you. You become more willing to listen and think and then offer a thoughtful reply. When someone extends kindness to you, you are willing to take action on their behalf and be helpful in ways that otherwise you might not consider. Kindness buys reception and cooperation and loyalty; those are the ingredients necessary for creating a productive business or career and also a happy and fulfilling life. Do you have The K Factor working for your life? Are you Building the Strength Within? Come listen as Dr. Deb Carlin interviews all sorts of interesting people about this fascinating reality! The show is live and you can call in on the air. Join the fun! Add The K Factor to your schedule and your life. You will learn how to leverage the stress in your life and cultivate a perspective you will find most rewarding. Contact our staff through e-mail at: info@drdebcarlin.com or give us a call at 855-344-1940.

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Stress?! Yes, it is everywhere. So what? This is a core part of life. It is the tension that sits between you and the world. There is stress everywhere and it is not a negiative, it is an opportunity. How? Learn to use LSD -- it will change... more

What does it mean to be a beauty queen when you are a grown woman? A woman accomplished? The story is a great one -- about love and peace and grace and brains and talent and beauty. Dr Veronica Hilyard is the winner of the... more

The topic of money is hot -- tune in to save yourself the big burn of trouble that happens when you do not have your relationship with money straight. Dr Larry Shapiro is a psychologist who has a great understanding of the issues with... more

The St Louis Women's Chorale is a group of women who come together to sing, that's it! And what a gift to hear this magnificent group of voices of feminie energy belt it out like never before -- everything from soft to bold and booming, it is... more

Larry Shapiro has had a successful career as a clincial child psychologist and also as one who works with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in adults, especially our veterans. Excellent work. However, perhaps his most fascinating... more

Remembrances are amongst the kindest of acts that we can engage in. Especially when we experience loss, it is important to remember what it is we had, what we valued, what meant so much. Too often, I find people shrink back... more

Fireman Tom, he was first my cousin. I was the youngest of all the kids and he was, alongside my 3 other boy cousins, a big and strong role model of kindness and comedy. He grew up to be a Chicago Fireman. To me, a real life hero. I... more

People get frigtened by money as if it is some sort of a mysterious entity or something to werid out about. No more. Tune in and hear what our pal, Sheldon Harbor, has to tell us about great ways to manage your dollars.

Music is perhaps one of the elements in our life experience that spreads the most human message of all -- its all about the music. Join us for an eventful dialogue with one of my favorite music masters -- Marc Gordon the Chamber... more

Tina said it best and spawned a world wide response.....Dr Deb thinks there is lots ot say about this favoriate rock star's song and perspective. Tune in, lift your heart, have fun with it....it's Valentine's Day!
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