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The Key to Midnight is a BlogTalkRadio program exploring creativity in the artistic realms, including literature (principally, but not limited to, science fiction, fantasy, and horror), music, and arts in general. It is a forum for, as M.J. says, "explor[ing] whatever interesting guests come my way." A fascinating and talented person in her own right, M.J. says, "You're a different human being to everyone you meet. Besides, hysteria is impossible without an audience!"

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Finding who you are

  • by M.J.
Once a long time ago someone gave me what I thought was really great advice.... They told me that no matter what I was doing in life as long as I was having fun it was worth it and when it was no longer fun that it was time to move on. Those... more

Director/Actor Michael Kenneth Fahr joins me LIVE to discuss his recently post production movie Victimized and find out about casting , production and much more in his first tell all interview!!!

That's right folks ... I am BACK !!!! So come on in and hang out ! See what I have been up to and of course meet my special guest Joe Bright author of The Black Garden. Hear all about his guitar playing, writing songs and performing with a... more
  • by M.J.
  • in Books
  • 01:00

Burnout is a mystery about a space shuttle disaster that proves to be no accident. As the principal investigators uncover more and more about the incident, a determined and very deadly coverup begins to manifest itself. They flee for their... more

GlassCactus started as a husband-wife team who set their sights on a dream, the pursuit of self expression through the magic of music. With an High Power Rock & Roll style that really breaks through, GlassCactus delivers a high energy sound... more

One of the most recognized names in contemporary pinup art today. Dave's impact on the market was felt immediately a few short years ago with the introduction of his Glamourotica series; "Blonde & Gagged". Or as Playboy... more

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

Ever wonder what role women really play in horror films ? Well tune in and find out and then we have the boys from Lawson White to give you the man's perspective as well as tell you all about their up and coming action/comdey film.... more

You better come on in my kitchen baby, it's goin' to be rainin'outdoors and it will be a hott one @ Triad tonight!! Ken Tucker will be here LIVE to play some blues and of course our prize giveaway.So don't be late !!
  • by M.J.
  • in Music
  • 01:00
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