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Theme: "Opening Doors to Endless Possibilities in the Pursuit of Love Peace and Happiness" 7 Keys to life 1.Spirituality 2. Education 3.Physical 4.Emotional 5.Financial 6. Arts & Science, and Entertainment 7.Social with a special emphasis on Acts of Kindness!

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The Keys 107 focuses on the 7 keys that open doors to endless possibilities in the pursuit of life, peace, and happiness. Each episode explores one or a combination of the 7 keys such as: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, art science & entertainment, and the social with an emphasis on acts of kindness. It is our intention to invite guests who specialize in specific areas that through informative dialogue offer solutions that motivates a progressive change and stimulates active action. We believe the 7 keys are the essential building blocks to taking you to the next level as you pursue love, peace, and happiness. Connect with us: Website: Twitter:@thekeys107
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Host Sis. Rafika and Bro. James Topic: Holistic Kitchen Revival: 8 simple steps to transforming your family's health through wholesome home-cooking that's easy, lip-smacking and won't blow your budget. The Keys 107 focus on The 7 keys... more

Host: Moreh Yahoshua Ben Yisrael Ben YAH (MYBY) After over 4 years away from Blog Talk Radio with the Speak the truth Life broadcast, Moreh returns with a new show just FOR YOU! "LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE? is a music/talk... more

HoodRich Magazine "What's rich in your hood!" "Are you hoodrichish?" "I'm not hood, I not rich, but I am Hoodrichish!" Todays show is dedicated to stopping the self distruction of a society. All across the globe in towns and cities plagued... more

Host Bro. Leroy welcomes Dick Gregory in a candid discussion on just what the news does and does not report and how it is transmitted and received! Dick Gregory was on the frontline in the sixties during the Civil Rights Era; today he... more

This is a special re-broadcast of the interview with Dennis Muhammad. After this interview the Peacekeepers Roll Call was launched! Dennis Muhammad and the Peacekeepers will return on Tuesday @5:30pm with the live roll call!... more

This week on The Collective we start our basketball segment by wrapping up our Michael Jordan discussion from Week 1, discuss the Lakers and their real chance of making the playoffs, and debate who should be MVP which NBA point... more

Join T.R.U. SKOOL Radio, On TheKeys107Network, as we continue our conversation with Kyeatta Hendricks on the "Plight of Black Teachers" Ms. Hendricks is a passionate educator who is concerned about the... more

With your co-hosts: La'Shawn Allen-Muhammad and Malik Green ?By studying the blue print of the reconstruction period (1865-1877) and the development of self-sufficient black communities, we can begin to rebuild 21 century... more

Special rebroadcast of an Interview with Dennis Muhammad CEO of The ENOTA Project and Founder of The Peacekeepers Global Initiative. Dennis Muhammad talks about how the Peacekeepers came about and just what gives him... more

HoodRich Magazine "What's rich in your hood!" "Are you hoodrichish?" "I'm not hood, I not rich, but I am Hoodrichish!" On this episode of hoodrich J.R. strongg Welcomes Captian Dennis muhammad and a retired police chief from Detriot... more
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