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Theme: "Opening Doors to Endless Possibilities in the Pursuit of Love Peace and Happiness" 7 Keys to life 1.Spirituality 2. Education 3.Physical 4.Emotional 5.Financial 6. Arts & Science, and Entertainment 7.Social with a special emphasis on Acts of Kindness!

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The Keys 107 focuses on the 7 keys that open doors to endless possibilities in the pursuit of life, peace, and happiness. Each episode explores one or a combination of the 7 keys such as: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, art science & entertainment, and the social with an emphasis on acts of kindness. It is our intention to invite guests who specialize in specific areas that through informative dialogue offer solutions that motivates a progressive change and stimulates active action. We believe the 7 keys are the essential building blocks to taking you to the next level as you pursue love, peace, and happiness. Connect with us: Website: Twitter:@thekeys107
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HoodRich Magazine "What's rich in your hood!" I'm present For Peace!!! Episode Dedicated to the PeaceKeepers initiative WorldWide. "Are you hoodrichish?" "I'm not hood, I not rich, but I am Hoodrichish!" Host: Jr. Strongg Topics... more

Alton Maddox is a fearless lawyer who has won many court cases because he has been willing to 'buck the system's intrinsic power to frighten lawyers into submission Respect for Life features current and often controversial news,... more

Every Tuesday @ 5:30pm: Be Present for Peace! PeaceKeepers Role Call: I Am Present for Peace continues to build community and initiate peace among people who are committed to eliminating violence and encouraging peace in their... more

Hosts: Anthony King and Brandi Jackson While the title conveys a metaphor of a rose growing from concrete it also represents the height of accomplishments in spite difficulties.The concrete represents rough situations people grow up in, the... more

Host Bro. Leroy: The Communicators features current and often controversial news, issues and topics that deal with the 7 keys of life, love, and happiness in the political, social, scientific, esoteric, health, and wealth areas.? Bro.Leroy or... more

Hosts: Martin Soaries, Tommy Hill, Lawrence & Jason Reels Topics: NBA Playoffs: We discuss tonight's outcome of Game 6 in Miami, and look ahead to an NBA Finals match up between Miami and San Antonio. NBA: We discuss the... more

The Keys 107 Network is proud to present The Gramps Morgan Show where Gramps Morgan plays his favorite Reggae jams every Friday! He's known worldwide as the soulful voice of Morgan Heritage, as an athlete, entrepreneur... more

Hosts Sis. Rafika and Bro. James welcomes our special guest Attorney James Carter will discuss "The Missing Peace"The analysis of the alarming number of homicides in the Black community. Is there a solution? In 2006, James Carter... more

LISTEN TO THIS INSPIRING CONVERSATION WITH TRUTH MUSIC ARTIST, "THE SHADOZ" Host: Moreh Yahoshua Ben Yisrael Ben YAH (MYBY) After over 4 years away from Blog Talk Radio with the Speak the truth, Moreh... more

HoodRich Magazine "What's rich in your hood!" Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon discuss her latest work Soul March Album with us. "Are you hoodrichish?" "I'm not hood, I not rich, but I am Hoodrichish!" Host: Jr. Strongg Topics include issues... more
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