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I Believe In You


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The John Carver Show is a "self-help/self development" forum that provides tools, ideas and concepts to help listeners reach their goals in life.

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Today's show is a talk given by Andy Stanley (http://northpoint.org/). He is the son of Pastor Charles Stanley. Andy's style has opened my eyes so many times to look at things differently. Today's show is no exception. "Make your Minutes Count" is about prayer. When was the last time you heard someone teach a lesson on how to pray, why we should pray and so much more information that could get you to look at prayer in a whole new way. Prayer is a "two way street." Listen to Andy's words and consider putting into practice some or all of what he shares in his talk.
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Ive been communicating with people since I could speak. There have been times that I have been good at it while other times not so good. On today's show I sm sharing part of Brad Worthley's CD called "Conversational Charisma." Being a... more

Rick Warren has a way of making the complex simple. In this short talk he explains how you were born for a purpose. At his website (http://purposedriven.com/books/pdlbook/#purpose) he explains: The most basic... more

Several years ago I came across information by Simon Sinek. He said that when people's WHY is big enough things change for the better (and sometimes the worse). On this show Simon shares "Start with Why." His speech was given a... more

Seth Godin stretches my mind. I've read several of his books and each one of them challenged me to believe that I have more to share with the world. On this show whether it's a toxic work culture or stagnation in your craft, Godin urges us... more

Today's show is called "More than Enough." In the show I attempt to paint a picture that you have more capacity and opportunity than you can imagine. It's from a sermon I shared by the same title. Some of what you will hear includes: I... more

When it comes to Christian preachers and evanglists there are a lot of "nut jobs" that have adopted the title. There have been few, however, who was as genuine as Rev. R. W. Schambach. I had the opportunity on more than a few... more

One of the most difficult things, in life, to grasp is perspective. That is, to look at your situations from multiple angles. In this show that is what I will be discussing. Some of what I will be sharing includes: Perspective is not what we see, but the... more

John Maxwell has been a Pastor and a Leadership expert for many years. On this show I am sharing a min-sermon he did called "Intentional Living." He has a book by the same title. In it he shares: We all have a longing to be significant.... more

God doesn't let you see it until you trust to reach a specific point. On April 1, 2015, I was praying for a good parking space at Gold's Gym parking lot. I didn't see any spots open but I had this hunch to keep driving closer to the front door... more

Will Smith is one of the most successful actors in decades. On this show he sits down with "Inside the Actor's Studio" and shares some wisdom from his past and how he reached the top. Here are some of his quotes so you can see how this... more