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I Believe In You


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The John Carver Show is a "self-help/self development" forum that provides tools, ideas and concepts to help listeners reach their goals in life.

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I've met so many people who think Leaders are born or they need to have a title or a position. I don't buy that idea. Leadership is shown by your actions and not your words. Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) – Galileo was willing to... more

NTRODUCTION What if there was a question that would clarify your best option for ninety percent of the decisions you make in life—a question that answers just about everything? It would have the potential to foolproof your... more

Dr. Ben Carson, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland, operated on brains for more than twenty years. He knows a little something about the mind. In my experience, I have noticed how few of us really understand how much... more

I've taught, for years, that you MUST stay away from negative people and influences in your life. Alison Ledgerwood joined the Department of Psychology at UC Davis in 2008 after completing her PhD in social psychology at New York... more

And as we drive along the coast road to the beach, a bus fares down towards me and above the driver's head is a big sign that says Whites-only. As we arrive at the beach, there is a big fence down in the middle of the beach dividing the... more

Will Smith (the actor) did not fall to the top. In this short talk, I found online, Will Smith outlines his thoughts on getting to the top. Play it again and again!

Some have said: "Mariah Carey: Salon Assistant Before hitting her high notes, Mariah Carey was down low – sweeping hair from a salon floor. It's pretty hard to imagine her doing any kind of labor and she sure didn't enjoy it. ?It was... more

Too often we get our eyes on our own problems when others have far worse problems. Today's show is a talk by Nick Vujicic. He was born without limbs but has such a positive attitude. Check out http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/

Listen to the words of the Living Bible: 6 Take a lesson from the ants, you lazy fellow. Learn from their ways and be wise! 7 For though they have no king to make them work, 8 yet they labor hard all summer, gathering food for the... more

The purpose of my Radio Shows (Podcasts) are created to help YOU life a life you've always imagined and to share ideas that can change your life. In this show I share a short talk by a man that reminded me to leverage my... more