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Dates are set for a two-part series you won't want to miss! "Jesus: Nobody Is Like Him." I can't convince anyone to believe in Jesus, but hopefully I can help broaden our understanding and knowledge of who He is- His unique and unmatched identity and truth. For the believer, this can help us share Christ with others. For the non-believer, it can solidify the truth of Jesus, that should he or she come to put their faith in Christ, it would be a fuller, more coherent journey into His grace! This series will feature audio from lectures given by an amazing apologist, Ravi Zacharias. His perspective and articulate delivery of Biblical truth should not go unheard! Be blessed! The J Man

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From everlasting to everlasting!!! I know I can convince nobody to believe in Jesus, in and of myself. I know that without the work of the Holy Spirit, nobody is moved. I also know that Jesus is a one-and-only figure in all of history, and the redemption for all who believe in Him! The Son of the living God!!! Ravi Zacharias, whose lectures are featured in this two-part series, puts things into a perspective I haven't the mind to even see most of the time, and speaks in a way that is passionate, loving, and most articulate (in terms of ideas and detailing those ideas). He is determined to keep things Scriptural in what he teaches, the goal ultimately being to point people to Christ. I can convince nobody to believe, to embrace the Savior I know is the one true Redeemer of us all. But I can help inform people of who He is, and broaden their understanding that as they or you come to believe, they or you would have a fuller grasp of who it is you have put your faith in, "The way, the truth, and the life." This is a series you don't want to miss. Ravi is a speaker whose approch grabs the attention of both believer and non-believer alike. I hope you will check it out, and share this with others!!! Be blessed. The J Man
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On Christian television, radio and other media, I am constantly hearing the message- something like, "Jesus is coming. Get ready!" This is in fact a Biblical message, and the urgency they felt 2,000 years ago when sharing this same... more

We have many names for Jesus, but this week, "Passover Week," ending for Christians with Resurrection Sunday, we think upon the name of Savior and RISEN Lord. Savior is someone who saves. Lord is someone who reigns. The... more

This episode will hopefully serve as an encouragement to believers, both in being steadfast in what they believe and in knowing what the message really is that the world needs to hear. The main text was Romans 3:20-26, which explains how... more

It is clear that in these days, we must stand firm for the faith. In our 2015 focus of being truth tellers, it is important to realize that we will impact more lives, bring more people along the journey of faith, and be REAL agents of change if we... more

All of our movement as believers is in Him, Jesus Christ, the One through Whom we are given access to God Himself. In all that we endeavor to do for God, let us remember that "[He] showed His love for us in this: That while we were yet... more

There are many issues that used to have clearer cut answers in our society, but the definitive nature of those answers has been diluted, and black and white truth has been grayed. Knowing truth is identifying what exactly has been grayed.... more

Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples, teaching them to obey all things He had commanded them. Jesus not only taught His disciples through words, but He lived His teachings out in front of them. He said to let our light so... more

As we think about obstacles and obstructions to telling the truth, it is fitting in light of this past holiday that we remember Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, J.R. and consider the obstacles he faced in fulfilling his purpose as a truth teller about... more

Hi. This is the J Man. If you joined us last week, you know we discussed a very important topic. Telling people about Jesus, and how we all need His salvation, made available to us at the cross. It is the greatest of truths, but sometimes the... more

It's the most important of all truths we are called to tell. The world has tried to convince us it is trivial or not really of great importance. Labels like pushy or even arrogant have been put on people only wanting to know those they love will be... more
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