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The Janet Love Show

The Janet Love Show


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The Janet Love Show is a destination for show topics designed to ignite your awareness and develop your consciousness as its expressed in ideas by authors, experts and ordinary people daring to view reality through the alternative lens of health, spirituality, quantum science and the paranormal. Prepare to have traditional ideas about reality challenged! Tune into Janet Love's version of spirit, body and mind radio! Sign up for the show at http:www.thejanetloveshow.com and receive our latest best effort to provide you with a good reason to sign up for show updates in a world clamoring for your attention! Janet Love's blog http://empowermentpossibilities.com where ideas are challenged, explored, investigated and perception of truth is always questioned!

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There's something you're striving for as a human being that is at the true core and nature of who you are; feeling respected, appreciated, and recognized for who you are and all you do. Quite often this goes unnoticed, disguised as... more

Colleen Mauro founded Intuition: A Magazine for the Higher Potential of the Mind to introduce readers to the emerging field of intuition development. In her new book, she takes readers beyond the intuition basics and introduces them to the... more

She was a whirlwind of a doctor. The only chiropractor on a remote part of Puerto Rico, she was inundated with patients, many of whom were out of pain for the first time in years. Wanting to heal EVERYONE, she drove herself to extremes. But... more

Learn How to Expand the Power of the Mind at Every Level of Existence! Aage Nost's book will prick you to think and dig deeper into reality and consciousness.He has made his exploration into spiritual science a fun and... more

The Aztec UFO Incident--the first ever widely publicized report of a recovered flying saucer--was derided as a hoax for decades. But now the Ramseys and Frank Thayer reveal the exact spot where the craft landed and show how the... more

Liberating Jesus What if Jesus came back now and insisted that we listen to Him? How would the world be different if Christians really followed the Gospels? For two thousand years we've been practicing a religion. Now it's finally time to get... more

Presenting You! Actors have learned how to communicate with genuine emotion every time they're on stage or in front of the camera. Find out how to create maximum impact with any presentation withPresenting You. Laurie Burton... more

No one was born with an operating manual! Yet, we are all owners of the most sophisticated mechanism on the planet: the human mind. Learn to make full use of its tremendous resources in this practical, easy-to-understand, and... more

Dancing on a Stamp reveals startling new truths about all of life's big questions, including our true nature as eternal souls, the reason we incarnated on Earth, and the role of God in the evolution of souls. These revelations fly in the face of... more

The global phenomenon of the Oneness Blessing, also known as deeksha, is a non-denominational transfer of energy from one person to another. Deeksha works in a neurobiolgoical way, activating the frontal lobe of the brain and... more
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