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The Jaime and Loco Project is show about passion, desire and laughs. It will give you a feeling you won't get anywhere else. Oh and It's a comedy show so be prepared to Laugh and wake the neighbors.

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Here we are the fall is here and a new season of The Jaime and Loco Project is starting. Were kicking things off in a big way with Jaime's new segment, entitled "Jaime Thoughts" and new guests. We got a great first guest the very beautiful and funny Deana Molle is on the show. You know Deana from "Container Wars" on TruTv you also may have seen her at Second City Los Angles doing TMI Hollywood. She is very talented and funny were going to be talking to Deana Molle about her show doing comedy and whatever else we can think of. So get ready were back and bigger than before keyword there big, ok Jaime told me to write that. Know go tell your friends that The Jaime and Loco Project is back this Sunday and we got Deana Molle. But remember (The Jaime and Loco Project is Naughty Not Nice)
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Our final show of the summer and were ending it with a bang we got long awaited guest coming on the show Perry J. Zaneet. Were Talking to Perry about his acting career and whatever else is on his mind. So don't miss the show end the... more

Here we go the Summer is coming to an end so let's finish it off in a big way. We got Chris Fair back on the show, you know the laser comedy guy. Were welcoming Chris back to the show as we talk some more smack with me and... more

This week show were back on Sunday and we got a Olympic Athlete on the show. Lawrence Trice Jr. will be joining us this week, he is a professional sprinter college graduate, and author. Were going to be talking to Lawrence about how it... more

This week episode were going to make it hotter than ever with this summer heat and the temperature rising the Jamie and Loco Project rises to literary of course. Our guest is a very talented actor named Perry J. Zanett. Perry has been... more

Part 2 with William Morgan, Summer Slam

This week show we got a 2 part's first were talking wrestling with our good friend William Morgan, as we head into Summer Slam William give us he thoughts on WWE. Jamie will also gives his thoughts on Justin Bieber crazy party nights. So... more

This summer get all the heat from The Jamie and Loco Project as we heat things up this week, Rihanna parties with the Germans, There is a female Thor, there is a Kim Kardashian game Paris Hilton has a new music video. Yes you read... more

New week, new show and we got a good one, The very talented and funny Tara Price will be joining us, she has appeared in numerous episodes of TMI Hollywood at second city in Los Angels. She is also in the short film entitled... more

This week show come celebrate your 4 of July weekend with Jamie and Loco and Katy Foley. Who knows what we got in store? I heard Jamie got another job interview and Americas are still watching soccer. Plus are guest for this week is... more