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"Explore the Forces of Consciousness Inside You!" The technique we use to explore consciousness is called Voice Activated Integration or VAI. This simple, effective technique can be used to free the body of the energy of the past. It can also be utilized to harmonize the universal forces that have been in conflict inside all of us since The Dawn of Man and even since The Big Bang..

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Electromagnetism, Gravitation and the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces. These are the four forces that create the universe and the human being. Each one is a fascinating world that interacts with the other three in ways that will be extremely... more

Tonight we invite you to witness a complete VAI session. This segment is intended to demonstrate the technique in its complete form with attention to personal history.

Have you joined the collective consciousness of those who really want peace? You may be surprised to find out what is keeping you from doing so. Have a look inside with The Ironic Universe, an interactive podcast with VAI founder John... more
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Technical problems

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For all of those having technical problems - if you are using a mac, I understand that you have to download Windows Media Player. If you subscribe to mac tech support, they will walk you through the process and help you access... more
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Questions & comments welcome

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Hello & thank you for tuning in to The Ironic Universe. We had 128 listeners last week, but only 5 who contacted us live! So I'm wondering if the rest of you are enjoying the show? John & I would love to hear from you. Questions and... more