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Welcome to The Intestinal Fortitude Radio Network! Home of The AndroidVirus & Sean Show, Cemetery Gates Podcast, 2 in the Same Boat with Mojoe and Vincent, and The Curtain Jerkers!

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This week on FMR, Psyte and Red got the clearance and will be broadcasting live from low earth orbit to get a better perspective on what's going on here with all this fear. We've got a red alert issued on relaxing ourselves and those... more

This week on FMR, as we enter the age of cyborgs we have dreams of death and new life to uncover. It's the technological revolution 2.0 and as the transhumanists pray to the god called Singularity in their search for immortality, some... more

AndroidVirus and Xander Kane review the worst in horror so you don't have to! This week we are reviewing horrible movies involving love, eternal, everlasting, nauseous love! Up first a young vampire (only 140 years old) flees her... more

Tune in at 8PM EST this Wednesday 2/15 when AndroidVirus returns with a MIA Sean in this Valentines Day Hangover Special!! Where the hell, and what the hell has Sean been up to? What have the boys been doing with time off?... more

This week on Full Mental Racket, Agent Psyte sees sex in everything. Some listeners had suggested the boys tone it down so they've decided to jizz it up. Immigration ban? Sexy! ID fraud? Sexy! Tom Brady? Sexy!! Yield signs? Sexy!!!... more

This week on Full Mental Racket, it's Trumpocalypse!!! The virtue signaling is strong but so many have it wrong. Yes, Agent Orange is ramming ahead with executive orders - catching the uninformed by surprise. Yes, fear is everywhere... more

AndroidVirus and Xander Kane review the worst in horror so you don't have to! This week we are reviewing more horrendous movies, but one in particular that Xander actually apologized to AndroidVirus for having to view this cinematic... more

This week on Full Mental Racket...IT'S FREAKOUT TIME!! Yes, you know it must be a heavy winter because there are precious little snowflakes falling and flailing everywhere. Impervious to the blizzard, Psyte and Red are joined in studio with... more

Tune in LIVE this Monday 1/23/2017 at 9PM EST as Mojoe, Vincent and Shaynna take you down the primrose path of the paranormal, bizarre, and unusual! We welcome back to the show Bloody F Mess! Listen to see what he has been up... more