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The Inspiration Lounge is the home of Inspirational, Visionary, Creative and Serendipitous Collisions. We entice and facilitate meaningful and conscious dialogue about Inspirational, Embodied, Creative, Visionary and Authentic Leadership, and Audacious,Total and Joyful Self Leadership, and Ecstatic, Wondrous and Awe-inspired Life Experiences.

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You can show someone a picture of food, but that will not feed them. You can feed someone, but that does not mean they are nourished. Working for an alluring salary, ample benefits and fancy title are not enough any longer. So many people in the workspace feel disconnected; from life, themselves, their colleagues, and mostly from the organization and leadership. Yet, there is a huge, unrealistic expectation on them to engage, contribute and participate fully in realizing visions, strategies and goals of the group or organization. Disconnect equals discontent, and many dis-type words. Dis-type words do not serve healthy relations or subsequent actions and interactions. Dissonance is not the playground for success, abundance and well-being, Connectedness and relationships are different aspects of human life and human engagement. Connectedness directly impacts relationships; it is impossible to have a meaningful, harmonious, joyful, honest and mutually beneficial relationship if you do not feel connected. This will determine how you feel about your environment and the people around you; it directly influences your ability to contribute and participate in life. In Embodied Leadership we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of connectedness. To understand this connectedness on a deeper level, there are two complimentary, opposite forces that are necessary for harmonious, synergistic, and abundant relationships. The leader becomes the conductor of these forces to allow for a magnificent symphony to be played between his/her people which will result in wellbeing and abundance for all involved. We will explore these two primal forces and how they impact not only our outcomes, but more importantly the experience of all involved. This enriched experience, full of possibilities, naturally results in a sense of connectedness and meaning; which in turn fuels authentic participation and profuse contributions.
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The true spirit of leadership is rich and all encompassing; it delights; it provides both sustenance and direction, it is the force/charge behind our intentions, passion and drive; it determines how we show up in life, how we relate to others and to... more

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What does 'King of my Castle', 'I am in my Element' and 'I am an Interior Designer' have in common? What magic and wisdom can we learn from the earthworm, spider and the dragon fly about this interesting commonality? What... more

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