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America we have a problem. Our justice system is unjust. A few years ago I ran across a website called Surviving the System. It was about innocent prisoners and prison conditions. I decided to get involved and I started the site called The Injustice System. I have upset some people and have had my life threatened because of my fight but it will continue.

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1 The Price of NAACP Compromise was Too High 2 The Black Scare and the Democratic Party 3 The Counter Revolution of 1776 and the Construction of Whitenes 4 White Unity and American Propaganda History 5 Abolition of Slavery was Not a Fight Against Racism 6 I Can't Breathe
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The Crazy Old Man talks hoping for a call in that never comes

Originally played 5/21/2010 My guest will be talking about prisoner re-entry and other prison issues. He admits his guilt as a bank robber. He spent 35 years in prison, mostly in supermax.

If you don't call in it will be a short show. No bad language. I will ty to refrain from using street language.

Originally aired 11/2011 From Facing Race 2008's Plenary 3, held on Saturday, November 15. The Compact for Racial Justice offers concrete strategies and policy proposals to reverse racial disparities and move... more

Please excuse the walmart commecial BOYCOTT WALMART This is a replay from 10/9/2011 Sins of our country HIROSHIMA: 'If Harry Truman was not a war criminal, then no one ever was' WAR CRIMES - [Music Video] by SGT DUNSON... more

Prison life

The Injustice System by Tha Truth Noura Erakat and Angela Davis 6/3/2014 Keynote talk from this year's Peace Works 2014 Conference presented by the Rachel Corrie Foundation titled- Yet Again as Prisoners: Mass... more

This is a replay of a show I did on The Injustice System 2. That show was limited to an hour airtime but 2 hours in the archive. He called in before the hour was up and we talked through the second hour. I think you will find the talk... more

The story of Dominique Green

The United States is one of the only countries in the world that allows children under 18 to be sentenced to life without parole. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International report that more than 2,000 inmates are currently serving... more
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