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Injustice System

Injustice System


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30-minute weekly radio program for March 2, 2010. Alternative installment title: "Hannibal Lecter to Replace Dodd in Senate." First of 2 installments on psychopaths in power.

Psychopaths are quite common. Most are not hands-on killers. They differ from us in their lack of conscience, inability to imagine others' pain, and total lack of remorse for the harm they cause. With these advantages, they rise to the top of hierarchies; and hierarchies become top-heavy with psychopaths. Which explains a good deal of U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Drs. Susan Rosenthal, Michael Parenti, Kenneth Dowst--& redneck social commentator Joe Bageant--explore the implications.

Rosenthal passage read by Lyn Gerry, rebroadcast from her "Unwelcome Guests" radio program (www.unwelcomeguests.org; www.susanrosenthal.com). Michael Parenti remarks from an installment of "TUC Radio" (www.tucradio.org; www.michaelparenti.org). More info., photos, and links at http://newworldnotes.blogspot.com. Permanent link to the blog entry for this installment: http://newworldnotes.blogspot.com/2010/02/hannibal-lecter-to-replace-dodd-in.html . Links to larger and smaller MP3 files of this installment are available there.

30-minute weekly radio program for March 9, 2010. Second of 2 installments on psychopaths in power. 30-minute weekly radio program for March 9, 2010. Second of 2 installments on psychopaths in power.

Hierarchies (government, the military, Wall Street) become top-heavy with psychopaths--who harm others without empathy or remorse. The Official Explanation of each outrage they commit is always convoluted. "Occam's Razor" = the principle that simpler explanations are usually truer than convoluted ones. Here's one: The psychopaths are running the show for their own benefit. Speakers discuss Clinton's genocidal Iraq sanctions, George Soros, 9/11, & soldiers' extreme reluctance to kill. Ends on a note of hope.